Morning Reads: 28 October 2013

Good morning everyone. It was another interesting weekend in the SEC with South Carolina retaining the Mayor’s Cup. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


Changing the death penalty rules around mental illness may not be so easy.
Ted Turner and a Nobel Peace Prize?
Voting issues in Fulton County? Say it ain’t so.
Some people are so insecure about their own beliefs, they have to attack others’.
Atlanta City Council election a proxy fight between Reed and Franklin? (My AJC link)


Alabama vs. Tennessee 45-10
Auburn vs. Florida Atlantic 45-10
Kentucky vs. Mississippi State 22-28
LSU vs. Furman 48-16
Missouri vs. South Carolina 24-27
Ole Miss vs. Idaho 59-14
Texas A&M vs. Vanderbilt 56-24


 HHS Secretary to go before congress and testify.
White house and Congress still at odds on Iran.
In the wake of the spying scandals, protesters organized in Washington.
Norway refused to aid in destroying Syrian Chemical Weapons.
The reaction to this will be interesting to watch.

Everything Else

Another breakthrough in the research to cure Alzheimer’s.
Lou Reed passed away.
Well that’s kind of a scary number, it should be 0.


  1. Ed says:

    Number of SEC teams with a chance at playing for an NC right now: 1 (one).
    Number of ACC teams with a chance at playing for an NC right now: 1 (one).
    Number of SEC teams in the top 10: 2 (two).
    Number of ACC teams in the top 10: 3 (three).
    Conference with the most teams in the top 10: ACC.

    Ergo, ACC is the best conference.

    • Eric The Younger says:

      Expand your sample by 5 and your conclusions fail.
      BCS ranking top 15 by conference:
      SEC (6)
      ACC (3)
      Big 12 (3)
      PAC-12 (2)
      B1G (1)

      • Ellynn says:

        Expand it to 25, like everyone else does, and the Big 10 has 4…, all of which are placed higher then any team from Georgia, reguardless of SEC or ACC…

        • Ed says:

          The reason I’m not is that frankly, there are only four teams that matter right now. And the 25 is just as fallacious a number as the 10 that I cut off.

  2. Frank says:

    “Local election directors say the state’s new election software, ElectioNet, is behind the late voter notices. They say the software placed some voters in the wrong districts and caused other problems. Cobb and Fulton officials discovered the errors and audited the cards by hand. Election officials in DeKalb and Gwinnett counties also discovered incorrect information on precinct cards before they were printed.”

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