Georgia Boosting Agriculture Trade With….Gabon?

Yes. Gabon.  

Ray Henry of the Associated Press brings this news, which appears to be a win for both Georgia’s farmers and the University of Georgia.  Gabon has plenty of revenue from oil, but needs some help in the agricultural sector.

“Gabon wants to diversity its economy. We are trying to make sure the country does not rely solely on oil revenues,” said Michael Moussa-Adamo, Gabon’s ambassador to the United States. “Unfortunately, with the oil curse — we say the oil curse — people are moved away from agriculture.”

Under an agreement with Gabon, experts from the University of Georgia will create an agricultural curriculum that starts with students in farming-focused high schools and extends through technical college, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black said. Georgia had the 16th-highest revenue for crops in 2011, according to federal statistics, and is the biggest U.S. producer of broiler chickens, an industry that Gabon wants to develop.

Gabonese officials also want to create an agricultural research center that focuses on practical issues, much as UGA’s extension service develops new crops suited to Georgia and devises methods to prevent crop and livestock disease.

Trade. The act by giving something to get something where both parties are better off. And with Gabon? The world gets a bit smaller every day.


      • Harry says:

        Isn’t Gabon French-speaking? I’d think they’d rather ask a French organization for assistance, but maybe they want to diversify.

        • xdog says:

          Yeah, they’re a former French colony. France still supplies most of their imports but they trade a lot with the US and China too, which isn’t surprising. They import a fair number of chickens but seem able to feed themselves otherwise.
          Here’s more trade info in pretty picture form:

          • Harry says:

            I was told by an advisor to the Georgia/US poultry industry that they are just interested in exporting chickens, not setting up satellite operations in other countries, which is understandable. If I were however a member of the Gabonese insider class, this would be be the perfect chance to rip off some development fees. Just sayin’. I’m sure Gary Black has been around the block with developing countries so let’s hope this is for real.

            • saltycracker says:

              Gabon wants to tap into Georgia’s technological expertise in poultry that makes us a top exporter in order for them to grow their exports. We don’t need to do it to be nice guys, but done right there is opportunity.
              Maybe our film industry can document another “Survivor Gabon.”

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