Barr And Breedlove Part Ways

At the first campaign appearance where I heard Bob Barr speak as a candidate for Congress, he began by saying “I know a scoundrel when I see one.”  And yet, he was flanked by his new campaign manager Jeff Breedlove.  Breedlove has a certain history in Georgia politics, more recently with a long stint of “front runner” candidate for Governor John Oxendine.

Oxendine’s campaign, much like Barr’s, featured bizarre and arguably inappropriate social media posts as its primary proof of existence.  And a lot of money spent.

Barr has raised the most of those running for GA-11, but with six months to go before qualifying, isn’t sitting with an advantage of cash on hand.

Not totally surprisingly, Breedlove has left the Barr campaign early as he did with Governor Oxendine, according to Jim Galloway’s Morning Jolt.

Barr knows a scoundrel when he sees one.  Except when he doesn’t.


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