Paul Broun Wins Gwinnett GOP Straw Poll

As part of today’s chili cookoff, Gwinnett Republicans held straw polls on the Senate and House District 10 Races. Here are the results:

Paul Broun 35.3%
Karen Handel 32.6%
Jack Kingston 16.8%
Phil Gingrey 6.3%
David Perdue 5.8%
Eugene Yu 3.2%
Derrick Grayson 0.0%

Buzz Wins for ChiliHouse District 10:
Jody Hice 56.5%
Mike Collins 32.6%
Stephen Simpson 6.5%
Donna Sheldon 4.3%
Brian Slowinski 0.0%
Gary Gerrard 0.0%

Only those living in District 10 participated in that poll.

Special mention goes to our own Buzz Brockway, whose chicken chili was selected by the judges as the best in the elected officials category. The best chili prepared by a Senate candidate? Eugene Yu.

What do the results mean? Discuss among yourselves.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Paul Broun 67
    Karen Handel 62
    Jack Kingston 32
    Phil Gingrey 12
    David Perdue 11
    Eugene Yu 6
    Derrick Grayson 0

    House District 10:
    Jody Hice 26
    Mike Collins 15
    Stephen Simpson 3
    Donna Sheldon 2
    Brian Slowinski 0
    Gary Gerrard 0

    Give us the numbers and save me back calculation. Math isn’t exactly a strong point here in Georgia.

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