Savannah Port Deepening Funding Approved by US House

H/T to Greg Bluestein and Daniel Malloy over at the AJC for their very detailed article about the new House Water Bill that passed, which includes funding for the deepening of the Port of Savannah.

A Senate bill passed back in may for various projects that amounted to about $12.5 billion, while this new House bill amounts to just over $8 billion over the next ten years. All that’s left is for a conference committee to figure out some number in between that is amicable for both sides.

Bluestein and Malloy also note what is not in the Water Bill. There is no reference to our ongoing water war with Alabama and Florida. That gets to stay in the courts so hats off to the Georgia legislators that kept that language out.

For the full (ad and distraction free) article go here.



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