Morning Reads — Thursday, October 24, 2013

On this day in 1945, the United Nations was formally established. Boo. I’m sure Eric the Younger is having a party today.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Noway says:

    Is there a site to go to to find out if the GA elected officials have “leadership PACS” as described on last Sunday’s 60 Minutes segment? And if so, what their money was spent on?

  2. griftdrift says:

    Political memories are shorter than an NFL cornerback.

    For those wanting to pound the ground with the Germany thing, I suggest you research the FISA Amendment Act of 2008. And look into who opposed it and who was silent.

  3. benevolus says:

    Can someone explain what is wrong with exposing kids to the idea of labor unions? Are we just going to pretend that exploitation didn’t exist?

    • DavidTC says:

      I love the line ‘Isn’t there a simpler way to teach about fairness, like saying it’s not fair if Johnny works all day and gets one piece of candy while Jimmy plays video games all day and gets the same piece of candy?’

      Sure, let’s teach them that. I think we can get an important lesson out of that example.

      Class, there is a kid called Jimmy. It has been decided before he was born that Jimmy owns all the candy and Johnny owns none. But Jimmy pays Johnny one piece of candy a day to ‘manage’ Jimmy’s candy, while Jimmy gets as much candy as he wants, despite not doing anything but playing video games.

      Is it fair that both Jimmy and Johnny get the same piece of candy?

      …oh, wait. Rereading, it seems they were trying to make this about welfare. Whoops. Let’s try again:

      Class, there is a kid named Johnny. His father sent him to summer camp where he learned how to play a trombone. Johnny got hired by a friend of Johnny’s father to play in a club every night.

      There is a kid named Jimmy, who doesn’t know how to play, because in the school Jimmy and Johnny attend, there is no band program, because Johnny’s father made them cut band. Jimmy can’t find anywhere to work, because he doesn’t have any skills and his own father is in jail for stealing candy. So he just sits around playing video games.

      However, the people of the town, feeling sorry for Jimmy and not wanting him to die from lack of candy, have decided to give him a piece of candy every day. Jimmy’s father opposes this, and is trying to make them stop.

      Is it fair that both Jimmy and Johnny get the same piece of candy?

        • DavidTC says:

          I would think very carefully about asking _children_ that question.

          You see, children don’t come pre-installed with the assumptions that different people ‘deserve’ different things because they had different starts in life. You have to very specifically teach young adults that. (The common method currently is by asserting that they are one of the privileged few, or can become them.)

          Children are prone to ask every dangerous questions like: ‘If there’s enough candy for everyone, why should only Johnny get it?’ and ‘_Is_ there a job for Jimmy to do?’ and ‘But what if Jimmy and Johnny both have jobs, but Johnny gets 10,000 pieces of candy and Jimmy only gets 1?’.

          They have to be carefully taught to not ask those questions, to be informed that ‘life is not fair’ and _that is the end of it_, instead of asking the most dangerous questions of all. ‘Why isn’t it fair? Can we make it fair?’

          Which is, of course, where the objection to teaching about ‘fairness’ and ‘unions’ comes from.

      • saltycracker says:

        A key consideration for fairness and freedom: “is coercion involved ?”

        Sharing sandwiches (entitlements and moral perspective):

        P.S. Unions and corporations can work together, the problem becomes when the executives and union leaders devise a plan that enriches themselves and throws a bone to the rest.
        Public unions should be illegal as they rip off the public.

  4. Ed says:

    Jessica, I never thought I would say this but compared to yesterday’s MRs, these are beyond exceptional.

    • mountainpass says:

      Video of student that is possibly one of the robbers:

      {My name is Quinton Arnold IV.I’m from Atlanta, Georgia the side of Atlanta where the sun didn’t shine so bright.I’m a Hip Hop artist, educator, Lyricist, poet, and a survivor.It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you were raised what matters is what type of life you choose to live and your view of greatness.I am the future and its my job to show people that young African American males are talented, intelligent and have the ability to change the world}

  5. chamblee54 says:

    For those who say nothing good ever comes of war, look at Kennesaw Mountain. In any other city KM would be covered with development. Instead, it is a total green space, just a mile north of the Big Chicken. Was it worth the lives of the men who died in that battle? No. But, if they were going to die anyway, we might as well get a green park out of it.

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