Learn How to Campaign This Weekend

If you’re interested in being a political candidate, or want to help candidates get elected, both the Young Democrats of Georgia and the Young Republicans of Georgia are conducting training sessions in Atlanta this weekend.

The Dems get YDG University started at 10 AM on Saturday at DPG Headquarters on Trabert Avenue in Atlanta. There are both beginner and advanced tracks.

“We have seen that trainings are essential in getting Democrats elected to office. However, a lot of times they are too expensive and too far away from our members” says Louis Elrod, YDGU Director and Third Vice President of the Young Democrats of America. “The Young Democrats of Georgia saw an opening where we could make a difference in Georgia, and we have trained hundreds of Democrats over the past few years at no cost to those attending”.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Young Republicans have brought in Arlington Virginia’s Leadership Institute for Base Camp for the Base. They get started at 9 AM on Saturday at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. The program covers topics including running an effective conservative organization, crafting a persuasive conservative message, and precinct organizing.


  1. seekingtounderstand says:

    Someone needs to have a class on how elected use their office for graft and self enrichment.
    Then we need apps for smart phones listing their net worth prior to elections.

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