Barrow Wants Individual Mandate Delay

WASHINGTON – U.S. Congressman John Barrow (GA-12) today called for a delay of the requirement for individuals to purchase health coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act. Since the enrollment website was launched on October 1, 2013, users have faced numerous technical difficulties.  Earlier this year, the Administration provided a one year delay of the employer mandate in the law.  Congressman Barrow called for the same delay for individuals in his floor speech.

Congressman Barrow has been a leader in efforts to reform the health care law.  He is the lead Democratic cosponsor of legislation to repeal the employer mandate, and introduced legislation on the first day of the 113thCongress to repeal the individual mandate.  In addition, Congressman Barrow has voted to delay these provisions within the law, while preserving benefits members of Congress of both parties agree we should keep.


  1. CJBear71 says:

    It’s been a mess, but it’s been 3 weeks. Let’s see how long it takes to fix it, and then add that time as an extension. For example, if it is fixed by Nov. 20th, then let’s add 8 weeks of open enrollment and no penalty.

    • Jackster says:

      They knew it was going to be a mess when they passed the delay for the employer mandate. You think business would take one look at the support from the state & fed. gov’ts, combined with this website and be on board with it?

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