Details for Deal’s Ethics Investigation

It turns out that AG Sam Olens will not be the investigator for Nathan Deal’s recent ethics woes. Instead it will be State Auditor Greg Griffin, a recent 2012 appointee.

From Jim Walls article on Atlanta Unfiltered.

State auditor Greg Griffin, rather than Attorney General Sam Olens, will oversee an investigation of alleged misconduct at the state ethics commission.

Commission chairman Kevin Abernethy announced the decision this afternoon, releasing this statement by email and declining further comment:

Today the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission announced that the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts has agreed to conduct an internal investigation and performance audit of the agency. Georgia law provides that indications of mismanagement or misconduct by an employee of a state agency warrant investigation by the state auditor, see O.C.G.A. §§ 50-6-28, and accordingly the auditor was requested to do so. This request was made in lieu of the earlier announced intention to request the Attorney General appoint an investigator. Because the Department of Audits and Accounts is state-funded, this internal investigation and performance audit will not incur additional taxpayer expense.

Out of respect for the integrity of the pending investigation and audit, the Commission will decline all requests to comment further.

The state auditor works for the state Legislature and normally is appointed by that body. Griffin, though, was appointed by Deal in June 2012 as provided by law when the Legislature is not in session. Griffin, then the deputy auditor, filled the vacancy left by the planned retirement of former auditor Russell Hinton.


  1. Three Jack says:

    Perfect! Only surprise is a family member is not somehow enriching themselves from the investigation, but there is still time.

  2. tdk790 says:

    A board of Deal appointees asks a Deal appointee to evaluate the performance of a Deal appointee (or at best, a “recruitee”) but NOT investigate said Deal appointee.

    Does AG have authority to start his own investigation?

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