1. gcp says:

    A “word” from gcp to Mr. Perdue. You sound like Karen Handel, all generalities, no specifics. Please state how you will balance the budget and where you will cut and please tell me Sonny won’t be involved in your campaign.

  2. jiminga says:

    So Peach Pundit is campaigning for Perdue by running his campaign ads? Really? Perdue is nothing but a rich opportunist, just like the people he condemns.

    • Charlie says:

      Well, you know. Some days we’re HandelPundit. Some days we’re KingstonPundit. Some days we’re GingreyPundit. (Lies from the pit of) Hell, some days we’re even BrounPundit.

      Clearly, we’re “for” whoever happens to distribute information that we see relevant to post, because some of our commenters can’t seem to discern the difference between us trying to disseminate as much information as possible from us being “for” whomever is the subject of any given post.

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