Morning Reads: 21 October 2013

Good morning Everyone. Boy was it a crazy day in the SEC on Saturday. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


It looks like lobbyist spending on legislators has gone down.
I wonder how this will affect the water wars with Alabama and Florida.
A tough provision of the Georgia death penalty is being reviewed before session starts in January.
Georgia is doing well in its fight against medicaid fraud. (MyAJC link)
Robert Reichert will have some challenges, but looks forward to working through them.


Alabama v. Arkansas 52-0
Auburn v. Texas A&M 45-41
Florida v. Missouri 17-36
Georgia v. Vanderbilt 27-31
LSU v. Ole Miss 24-27
South Carolina v. Tennessee 21-23


California begins work on their high speed train, but some folks aren’t happy.
We could use some strategy by this point.
I think we’ll be seeing more of the same really.
The US has resumed aid to Pakistan.
It continues to be a long road for Egypt.

Everything Else

In case anyone was curious about the speed traps in Richmond County.
The Red Sox and the Cardinals will be in the World Series.
We have Civil War reenactments, Europe has Waterloo.


  1. saltycracker says:

    High speed rail connecting multi-million populations in the nation’s most populous state is their debate. To have it as an intra-state people connectivity subject in Georgia is nuts and a scam on the taxpayers.

  2. Noway says:

    Interesting segment on 60 Minutes. I guess a leadership PAC is the way to go, huh? Very, very loose spending regs allow lobbyist cash to be spent on any-damn-thing a politician can imagine. And we keep electing this trash?

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