Peach Pundit Power Rankings As They Stand Now

As you all know, we launched the Peach Pundit Power Rankings this week and many of y’all have been ranking the elected officials by category. Below are the standings right now as well as the links for you to rank the elected official as you see fit. Each of you are allowed one vote per week and since this is Friday, the new week of ranking begins again today. As always, your rankings are confidential, nobody will know how you vote, but we do require a real name and a valid email list to reduce the chance that some obsessed fan voting a thousand times.

Rank your Top 5 in each category:
Senate Power Ranking
House Power Ranking
Federal Elected Officials and Candidates
Statewide Elected Officials and Candidates

Feel free to discuss the deeper meaning of these rankings in the comments. Also remember you can find the most current standings in the power rankings at the “power ranking” tab in the top menu.


  1. John Konop says:

    I can only speak for my own community. I think Brandon Beach has been a very effective leader in our county. He has done a tremendous job bridging the divisions in our community. Brandon works very well with people agree or not with them. I would hope more would take his approach on leading a community.

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