Morning Reads for Friday, October 18, 2013

– Wanna be on screen? Here’s your chance!
– Recovery Fail Fall. SunTrust to cut 800 jobs.
– Clarkston City Councilwoman Joan Swaney indicted for embezzlement.
– Yeah, under the marsh is land, somewhere. But would you want to build a house on it?
– No fried chicken for you. Uber-sadness for Carver’s fans as the much anticipated fall reopening is no more.

– Of course, it was the pizza. What else could they agree on?
– That’s a fine piece of bacon you have there, Sen. McConnell.
Executionary circles.
– Rats. Ship. You know the drill.
Glenn Greenwald leaving The Guardian for greener pastures.

Random Everywhere:
– Now we all know what to get Charlie for Christmas.
– Sadness for ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ fans. Knife-wielding Pagoda (Kumar Pallana) has passed away.
– The days are just packed! An interview with Bill Watterson! With exclamation points!



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