Marietta and Its Bond Vote

In November the City of Marietta will have a bond issue on the ballot. The goal would be to raise $68 million dollars to buy and demolish a large swath of property in the Franklin Road area. Thankfully Red Hare Brewery is not part of this deal. They get to stay and keep making that wonderful Watership Brown Ale.

Anyways, I digress. The Marietta Daily Journal has a pretty good write up on the issue. There are a few problems around that area and it’s seen as a bit of a blight holding back growth and development.

Of the $68 million allocated for the bond, $4 million is earmarked for pedestrian and landscape improvements to Whitlock Avenue.

Dan Conn, the city’s public works director, said a portion of the money would be used to line the street from Oakmont Drive to Kirkpatrick Drive on both sides with sidewalks.

The less than one mile stretch, a block west of North Marietta Parkway to a block east of Marietta High School, would also include new traffic signal technology that could help with the commuter traffic congestion, Conn said.

The real question on this issue will be, do voters that live in North Marietta actually care about this issue on the southeast side? If they don’t see it as a value, I doubt they would be willing to increase their property tax to pay for the bond debt.


  1. I think the argument for the people who live off Whitlock is that their houses would be even more valuable if Marietta’s school system was more like Decatur’s, and Decatur is 10-20 years ahead of Marietta on not having neglected areas like Franklin Rd corridor anymore, and who wouldn’t want that?

  2. Clint Austin says:

    I live in Marietta with 4 kids. Franklin Road matters because it contributes a highly transient student base to the city school system (we only have one middle school and one high school). That hinders the school system and drains resources (we will have to build a new school if the bond doesn’t pass). The area also has a concentration of crime due to the high density of apartment housing – again, a transient population base. Any Marietta family with children in the school system has reason to be concerned about the Franklin Road blight and I think should support the bond. The city made a bad decision several yeas ago to cluster apartments there and now the city must take responsibility for leading the effort to fix it because the area is almost certainly not going to fix itself. Blighted areas rarely do that.

    • MattMD says:

      I wouldn’t necessarily equate high density apartment housing with crime. It really depends on how well the apartment complexes are kept up. There are plenty of apartment complexes off of Powers Ferry around Delk Rd down to Akers Mill, across Terrell Mill and over to Cobb Parkway. The police aren’t saturated over in that area because those complexes are kept up and you probably have to have a job to afford the rent. I have no idea about Section 8.

      Anyhow I hope Marietta support the bond because that area is a blight on the entire county.

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