Karen Handel Announces Jobs Tour

Georgia Senate candidate Karen Handel will begin a jobs tour across Georgia on Monday that will include stops in Roswell, Savannah, Dublin, Augusta, Macon, and Columbus.

From the press release:

“It is clear that Congress does not live in the real world where regular Americans are not allowed to run endless deficits, have no budgets, and have no long-term business plans,” Karen said. “I will be meeting with small, medium, and large business owners to talk to them about the future of our economy and our nation and I am betting that they will have more insights and wisdom than everyone in Washington, D.C. combined.”

In Roswell on Monday, Handel will visit SA IT Services and Carl Black Buick, then have lunch with local small business owners.


  1. xdog says:

    “I am betting that they will have more insights and wisdom than everyone in Washington, D.C. combined.”

    Said the woman who wants most of all to join the DC ignorant. Ah, candidates.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Would love to see her announce job friendly policies that are broader than incentives for specific companies/lobbyists/influentials. That would differentiate her.

  3. So taking her at face value, the President will still be a Democrat, and is likely to be a Democrat beyond 2016. The Senate is likely to remain in Democratic hands, or maybe be tied. The House will continue to be dysfunctional.

    How would adding one more Republican who is “mad as hell” get us to a better budget process, realistically?

    • benevolus says:

      I got no problem with “mad as hell”. I just hope we end up with people who can build things instead of break them.

  4. seekingtounderstand says:

    Dear Karen: I supported you and watch you loose to Gov. Deal because of the immigration issue.
    The Chamber of Commerce wants cheap labor and wants open borders. So you are out there talking to businesses that want to replace American workers with people who will work for less.
    What is your position on this issue?

    • saltycracker says:

      Agree but don’t know who the bad guy is.
      The farmer wants to sell his product and make a buck.
      If we are ok with folks outside the law, sans ID, they will become part of the competitive environment and utilized lawlessly.
      If we want home grown stuff, globalization suggests we might have to balance the playing field with tariffs, price supports or improved efficiencies. Two of the three do not require home grown taxes. But, it’s complicated.

      Right now we can’t find our global balance in trade or protection, leaving working Americans caught in a very unfair tax code fishing net.

      • Harry says:

        A stiff tariff regime is required, but not sufficient by itself to turn this country around. There are too many problems and headwinds. Several years ago I lost hope that the US has a positive economic future.

        • saltycracker says:

          The U.S. will muddle through but individuals will have to continually improve their income just to maintain. While we read lists of the growing numbers of billionaires or exploding numbers of food stamp recipients in America , the middle class can afford to sacrifice a few bucks for the common good. We don’t see ourselves being boiled.

          It is fun for us when we, as a nation, live on a balloon note where future generations will be doing so well they can handle it, right ?

  5. Casper says:

    She has no true position. She is simply going to say what her base wants to hear. This is what she did in the past. She has a record of changing her views to fit the crowd that she is before.

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