Eugene Yu Sends Mail

Georgia Senate candidate Eugene Yu has sent out the first direct mail piece of the 2014 campaign. The Halloween themed mailer urges the recipient to visit to receive a treat, but the website requires a name and email and postal addresses in order to go any further. Pretty tricky, Mr. Yu.

The image of the mailer is below the fold.

Yu Mailer Front Yu Mailer Back


  1. PerCuriam says:

    How much money did he raise? Does anyone know? He seems to be spending a lot of money so early in the campaign.

    • Jon Richards says:

      Over at the AJC, Bluestein reported he raised $40K, plus he made himself a $200K loan. Cash on hand is less than $20,000.

  2. caroline says:

    I got one of these in the mail today, the one on the bottom. I was thinking is he trying to be funny or is he seriously funny? If he meant for it to catch your eye, it certainly does that but beyond that it comes off as kind of wacky.

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