Charlie Harper’s Big Break

A French media outlet (newspaper, maybe?) did a pretty in-depth article about the TEA Party movement here in the Peach State (although, Google translates “pêche” as “fishing”, so the translated article has a few…interesting mistranslations).  Anyway, our Fearless Leader, Charlie Harper, was quoted (translated by Google Translatehere’s the original version in French if you like a challenge):

“As we are in Republican land, everything happens for the primary elections of the party rather than for the general election. Except that the primaries are very few followed (in this district, barely half of registered moved in 2012 – ed.) The election therefore in the hands of voters most excited ” we still says Charlie Harper, former consultant of Republican candidates, founder of a site on local politics, Peach Pundit (one of the nicknames of Georgia is “State of the fishing”). And since 2010, it appears that the most passionate Republican voters are the ones who gave birth to citizen Tea Party movement, Georgia and elsewhere.

“This is a new form of ultra-conservatism and this is not the first time that the current takes over in the state, as if waiting to be awakened” , Charlie Harper slides, convinced the economic crisis but also the media “opinion” increasingly influential, preferring instead to position exposing the facts, such as the Fox News channel among Republicans, favor the resurgence.

Google (mis)Translation aside, Charlie Harper has now reached the international stage…beret and all.

God help us all. Props to our Editor-in-chief.


  1. NoTeabagging says:

    They missed one translation, Fox News. It should stay “Faux News”. No french translation needed. 😉
    Keep on “sliding” Charlie!

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