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It appears that some of our local little ducklings are falling in line with what our national level leaders legislators are doing.

East Point Mayor Earnestine Pittman said in a Monday night council meeting that, unless the millage rate is increased from 15 to 23, the city will be unable to operate and will be forced to shut down. The city has a $4 million deficit… We cannot sustain this government without increasing our tax base. We do not have a choice,” she told a crowd of not-so-happy residents who echoed sentiments of wanting a stronger mayor or a new administration all together. The Mayor said residents need to keep in perspective how much one mil is actually worth today compared to years past. “One mil in East Point now is worth only $570,000. In 2009, one mil was worth $1 million.” She also told residents that public safety positions could be cut but she was not willing to do that at this time.

The city is currently waiting on the approval of $9.4 million in state funds and is expected to have a final answer Thursday.  Until then, with bated breath and nail-biting anxiety, we watch and wait to know the fate of East Point.


  1. jiminga says:

    I noticed not much mention of cutting expenses, but I assume the mayor is a democrat so that explains it.

    • TinaD says:


      As a resident of the city, I can tell you that expenses have been cut to the point, where we are looking at a millage increase, and/or having to cut Police and Fire, according to the mayor. This has very little to do with her political party, and everything to do with her ineffective management style.

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