Morning Reads–Continuing the Best Ever Theme

Upon review of these Morning Reads, I can’t believe how much higher the bar has been set for greatness.

The Buck Owens Appreciation Series continues with the version of “Memphis” on his stellar, classic 1988 album “Hot Dog”.


  1. xdog says:

    There’s a big difference between herding cats, trying to herd cats, and giving cats free run of the house. Or House.

  2. Ellynn says:

    I have no plans to debone a duck tonight. This is more of a weekend project.

    You do get extra credit for for the food links.

  3. xdog says:

    Anyone else getting the Peach Pundit Daily email dumped to spam? It happens to me every week or so, yesterday most recently.

      • xdog says:

        Charlie, I’m a gmail guy. The problem has persisted through 2 ISPs, AT&T and a satellite provider. It’s no big deal since by now I know enough to look around if the morning post isn’t where I expect it to be.

  4. benevolus says:

    I don’t understand UPS and Northside Hospital. Rather than charge a few bucks to their employees who want to cover their spouses, they choose to try to determine whether those spouses are employed and are offered insurance by that employer? How does that work? Somebody is calling all the employers of all the spouses and checking on insurance availability?

    • saltycracker says:

      Spousal coverage is going the diminishing way of defined pensions in the business sector.
      The requirement for working spouses to use their employers plan is no new phenomenon.

      • benevolus says:

        OK fine, but how are they doing this? Are they really making employees disclose employment of their spouses and then they verify that employment and check availability of insurance? That seems ridiculous to me.

        • saltycracker says:

          Don’t know the exact mechanics, but it is a routine question on forms, even for those that allow an option. The employer is probably complying with the insurance carrier for his contract and the check and balance falls on the insurance company. Insurance companies have access to your personal info and falsification of info is not a good idea. With Obamacare that info will be more widely available.

          As the demographics (working women, singles, family definitions) and legislation in the work place change, so will the practices of businesses, if they want to remain competitive.

          • Harry says:

            Government entities and businesses in protected industries may be able to maintain spousal coverage for their employees. All others are out of the market, or will be.

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