The Fundraising Quarter – US House

Eric The Younger covered Georgia’s US Senate fundraising race last week.  Now, we have a few numbers from congressional races coming out.  I was passed along this presser from State Senator Buddy Carter who is running to succeed Congressman Jack Kingston’s 1st Congressional District seat:

Senator Buddy Carter released his campaign’s financial disclosure results Friday revealing that his campaign now has more than $312,000 on hand after adding an additional $157,000 this reporting period. Nearly 400 donors have contributed to the campaign.

“What we are most excited about is the fact that Buddy has now raised contributions from each of the 17 counties in the First Congressional
District,” said Peggy Lee Mowers, Fundraising Director for the Buddy Carter campaign. Mowers previously served as Congressman Jack Kingston’s chief Fundraising Director as well as his Congressional District Director.

“Our campaign enjoys support from donors from many different walks of life,” said Senator Buddy Carter. “We aren’t just raising money from my hometown or from a single industry or profession, our message is appealing to citizens from all over the district and from all walks of life.
Contributions have come in from nearly 400 different donors, including many longtime friends and also many new supporters.  It is truly humbling and very, very encouraging.”

“Our message of restoring the American dream by creating major tax relief, supporting cuts in spending and repealing the jobs-killing disaster called Obamacare is resonating with the First District,” said Carter. “It’s time for real solutions and real conservative principles in Washington.”

I would point you towards the FEC’s website, but apparently their upload/query systems for new reports don’t have an “automatic” function and require constant maintaining.  So, I’ll send out the Bat Signal and ask you, dear reader, to post fundraising numbers for your favorite (or not so favorite) congressional candidate.


Just got this from the Johnson camp:

Conservative Dr. Bob Johnson, surgeon, retired Army Ranger and Republican candidate for Georgia’s First Congressional District posted impressive third quarter financial numbers as his campaign continues to gain momentum with conservatives and fellow physicians across the First District. These numbers are particularly good considering Dr. Johnson is not a politician and has never run for political office before.

Since kicking off his campaign on June 10, Dr. Johnson’s campaign has taken in $215,000. This quarter the campaign took in $108,000 leaving a balance of over $183,000 cash on hand.


::UPDATE #2::

New Numbers for Rick Allen, Donna Sheldon, and Barry Loudermilk.

Rick Allen – $125k raised, $92k Cash on hand.

Donna Sheldon – $50k raised, $130k Cash on hand

Barry Loudermilk – $77k raised, $64k Cash on hand

::UPDATE #3 (from stefan)::

Doug Collins: 38450 raised, 266402 COH

David Scott, 71 raised, 174 COH,

Allen: 124k raised, 92 COH

Hice 92/90

Barrow 274/1m

Chapman 77/88

Gerrard 32/47


Marietta, GA (October 15, 2013) – Tricia Pridemore, Republican candidate for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District, released her Federal Elections Commission (FEC) financial disclosure for the third quarter of 2013 showing $103,541.93 raised. The campaign reached its fundraising goal by increasing its number of contributors by 15%. The campaign also reported $188,535.63 cash on hand.





  1. John Konop says:

    I will add that Tricia Pridemore had a full house of enthusiastic supporters for a meet greet last Sunday in Cherokee It was a lot of key grass roots leaders in the community that walk away very impressed. Tricia demonstrated a real understanding of issues facing our country. Her focused message on jobs, combined with her successful small business experience gives her a tremdous tools for the job.

    • John Konop says:

      Why not more support for Pridemore? Tricia actually ran and started a successful business, as well as did a great job of creating jobs via her work on vocational education in our state. I would think her focus on jobs would be a big selling point?

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