Peach Pundit Power Rankings: Federal Elected Officials And Candidates

p2nj9Yesterday I posted the Peach Pundit Power Rankings for members of the State House and State Senate. Below the fold is the next piece of this, Power Rankings for Federal Elected Officials and Candidates. Give us your Top 5 most influential elected officials and candidates at the federal level. Also toss in two Honorable Mentions if you want.

These Power Rankings will be an ongoing thing and thus can change over time. If you haven’t already, vote in the Power Rankings for the State Senate and State House.

Here are the current Power Ranking for the three categories going on now. More categories are coming.

As I mentioned yesterday take these rankings seriously, but not too seriously. The Ground Rules are:

1) Submissions without real names will be rejected.
2) Submissions without valid email addresses will be rejected.
3) One submission per person per week.
4) Multiple votes for the same person will cause your submission to be rejected.
5) All votes are confidential, your name and how you voted will not be revealed.

Vote in the Federal Power Rankings below the fold.


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