Indictments In Cherokee May Ripple Into Georgia Senate Race

Cherokee County School Board member Kelly Marlow, Political Consultant Robert Trim, and Cherokee GOP Secretary Barbara Knowles have been indicted.  The charges stem from what police say are false claims that Cherokee School Superintendent Frank Petruzielo tried to run over them back in June.

The Canton-Sixes Patch reports:

Embattled Cherokee County School Board Member Kelly Marlow has been indicted by a grand jury in relation to statements she made alleging Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Petruzielo tried to run she and two others over in June.

The grand jury on Tuesday handed down the charges. Marlow has been indicted on four counts of making false statements.

Her partner and political advisor Robert Trim has been indicted on three counts of making false statements while Barbara Knowles, secretary of the Cherokee County Republican Party, has been indicted on one count of filing a false report and four counts of making false statements.

Marlow has to face local voters in addition to the legal charges, but the events also may affect at least one other campaign.  Trim appears to be quarterbacking the Eugene Yu campaign and has been highly visible with him at various events.  While the theory of innocent until proven guilty holds true, having a staffer/consultant facing these kinds of public issues is generally “less than ideal” for an upstart candidate who needs all the earned media he can generate to help get his name out to the public.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Interesting – odds are we can expect Yu to launch a dance on his opponents heads but maybe not in an entertaining Gangham Style.

    • radix023 says:

      Thanks, I was wondering if the alleged video was going to show up. Why would the police say they have a video and then not use it in the indictment. Something isn’t adding up here. (unless they had a video, but it is too poor quality to actually identify the persons in it (wild speculation))

      • xdog says:

        Indictments don’t usually cite evidence, do they? Prosecutors typically file based on more than a difference of opinion so I speculate there’s a vid in hand. Anyway, I still think the accused will plea out long before trial.

    • Anyone But Chip says:

      There is no requirement for an indictment to contain the evidence the prosecutor used to procure a true bill. It simply contains the essential facts related to the charge(s), who is being charged and the statutes cited.

      • Three Jack says:

        True ABC. Indictments are issued based on review of evidence by a grand jury. I was just commenting that there was no mention of the infamous video.

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