New Feature of Peach Pundit: Political Power Rankings

p2nj9We’re trying something new here at Peach Pundit, Political Power Rankings. Below you will find forms where you can rank from #1 – #5 who you think are the most influential people in Georgia politics. We’ll start first with the State House and the State Senate.

The current Power Rankings will be displayed in this page.

There are a few ground rules you must follow or your vote will be tossed out:

Ground Rules:
1) Submissions without real names will be rejected.
2) Submissions without valid email addresses will be rejected.
3) One submission per person per week.
4) Multiple votes for the same person will cause your submission to be rejected.
5) All votes are confidential, your name and how you voted will not be revealed.

There can be no doubt that climbing into the Top 5 in one of these Peach Pundit Power Rankings is a prestigious achievement – perhaps the pinnacle of one’s career. However, as is often the case with these sorts of things, sock puppets, candidates, their employees and supporters, and others, take it way too seriously. This is not scientific, and merely reflects the opinions of those who took the time to offer a submission.

Don’t treat it like a joke, but don’t take it too seriously. Have fun with it! And please don’t send us an email about how upset you are because your favorite candidate is not ranked, not ranked high enough, or not receiving the attention you think he/she should get because he/she made it into the Top 5.

To give us your Power Rankings for members of the State House and State Senate, go below the fold. Other power rankings will be rolled out in the coming days.


  1. benevolus says:

    If this could be done mathematically, it would be interesting to see the equation needed to come up with Balfour’s ranking.

  2. Being influential doesn’t necessarily mean someone likes the person, right? One could say that Balfour is / was fairly influential, but that doesn’t mean he’s in their top 5 favorite list. I guess that’s the philosophy I’m going to use here in casting a vote. Perhaps we can have another one at some point as to who your favorite Senator / Rep is as well. 🙂

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