Morning Reads 14 October 2013

Good Columbus Day morning everyone. Here’s what happened over the weekend.

Added by CharlieThere’s another Griftdrift:  Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Williams on the birth of James Williams V.  Yes, that’s correct.  Grift has his own permanent fifth.  T’was the best news to come out of Saturday for many of us.  May he have the conscience of his father, the charm and grace of his mother, and very healthy ACL’s should he one day play football for UGA.


3 Years after the Feds granted loan guarantees on Plant Votgle, Southern Company still hasn’t signed the papers.

Macon has a runoff on Tuesday.  No word yet on what Jack Ellis may change his name to on Wednesday.

Warner Robbins is selecting a Mayor as well.

Hall County’s one year old government center is said to be running smoothly.  Probably because no one is trying to license bicycles.

And we can all miss living in a world where “Money Take From Jar On Table In Front Of Piggly Wiggly” was considered big crime news.

And added by Charlie: GA 1st District Democrat Lesli Messinger’s supporters continue to post her October 6th announcement that she will again compete to lose to the GOP nominee to our tipline (during the UGA game? Really?), Facebook walls, and highway rest area bathrooms.  We get it. She’s running.  She’s also going to get about the same attention from us as Republican nominees from GA 4 and GA 5.  We have limited resources and even narrower medicine cabinets.  We’re going to stick to news, not doing your PR for you.


Alabama v. Kentucky 48-7
Arkansas v. South Carolina 7-52
Auburn v. W Carolina 62-3
Florida v. LSU 6-17
Georgia v. Missouri 26-41
Mississippi State v. Bowling Green 21-20
Ole Miss v. Texas A&M 38-41


Hey the Grand Canyon is opening during the shutdown, but only for a week. Conveniently enough, that how long the Rim to Rim trail takes.

Maybe, just maybe, the Senate is done being a bunch of toddlers.

I don’t see this being good for either side.

FARC is taking a play out of the Tamil Tiger playbook.

I’m pretty sure your average high school freshman could have told you this was a nonstarter.

Social Security COLAs will be among lowest in years.  That means inflation is low and your elderly friends will have something else to complain about.

Everything Else

SNL and the Shutdown.

Hyundai Santa Fe’s are made in Georgia.  The Walking Dead is filmed in Georgia.  This was just a matter of time.

Giving a kid a high-five will apparently get you fired if you’re a school crossing guard.

Flaming Beer Pong? What could go wrong?

Need your Ferrari restored?  Apparently the man to see is in Wisconsin.  And you’ll have to wait in an 18 month line.



    • Lea Thrace says:

      This process fascinates me. The sheer magnitude of what is being done is mind boggling. And I must say that I am happy they are paying attention to what effect their actions may have on the marine ecosystem and are adjusting accordingly.

    • Three Jack says:

      You beat me to it Noway….Freeloaders having a free-for-all at Walmart. Must have been a glorious 2 hours for all those blood sucking leeches as they loaded carts with anything and everything while EBT had no limits.

      Charlie’s column ‘Rediscovering America’ could have started and ended with this story because unfortunately this is America in 2013…’gimme, gimme, gimme, what can I get for nothing from the government.’ Housing, fuel, phones, food, healthcare, income…if you play the game just right, you never have to work a day in your poor, pitiful excuse for a life. The freeloaders won.

      • Noway says:

        +10000 They’ve been winning in spades since LBJ’s Great society, Bush, Jr.’s Prescription Drug Benefit, this sickening Obamacare and every other vote buying scheme developed to keep putrid politicians in office..

          • Noway says:

            What’s the point of the question, Matt? I’ll tell you what I am, though. Tired of the taxpayers subsidizing those who don’t take responsibility for their own way. It’s not my job or yours to support kids who were born to irresponsible parents or to care for old folks who’s children are irresponsible and won’t take care of their own family. Period.
            The politicians, in order to attract votes, have made us into a dependent society and that’s criminal. Thanks FDR, thanks LBJ, thanks W, thanks Obama!

  1. Scott65 says:

    Hmmm no mention of the WSJ poll giving the TP 21% favorability rating…with republicans in general 24% approval. Also thanks to Ted Cruz even with all the software problems the ACA went up 8% points in approval…bubbles anyone…
    The TP is pretty much done on a national level after this one. Some TP districts are swinging up to 20 points…you see, when you’ve gerrymandered districts it can cut both ways. To pack democrats into mainly democratic districts and increase the number of republican ones you have to make a whole lot of < +5 republican districts which all things the same stay republican…but if republicans screw up and lose independents …those districts can flip. Not saying GAs are like that…but there are about 30-50 nationwide that are.

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