Former GAGOP Chairman Sue Everhart Endorses Karen Handel

Former Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party Sue Everhart has made a stance in the Republican primary race for Georgia’s next US Senator.  From Karen’s campaign:

Former Georgia GOP Chair Sue Everhart endorsed Karen Handel’s campaign for the U.S. Senate today.  Everhart, the popular three-term state party chair (the only person to have been elected to three terms for the post) called Handel “the conservative fighter we need so desperately in Washington.”

“I am proud to have Sue Everhart’s support,” Keren said.  “She has been the leading voice for the Georgia Republican Party grassroots and will be a tremendous asset to our campaign.”

In a letter sent to Georgia Republicans today, Sue wrote:

For the past 6 years, it was my honor to serve you as Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. Today, it is my honor to enthusiastically put my full support behind Karen Handel for United States Senate.
Having known Karen and Steve for many years, I have every confidence in her. Karen Handel will be the conservative fighter we need so desperately in Washington. I know that Karen will continue to hold our Party’s principles dear to her heart. And unlike a lot of folks in Washington, Karen has a record of standing by those principles in good times and bad.
Karen comes from the grassroots. She’s one of us — and she won’t forget it. We have the opportunity to elect a conservative woman that will be accountable to us and not the broken system in Washington. What’s wrong in Washington will not be solved by Congressmen that have spent over 40 years in Congress.


  1. John Konop says:

    Anyway you slice it this is very big! The GOP women drive grass roots nuts and bolts heavy lifting of campaigning. Sue was a very strong leader that has statewide influence. This will put Karen in run-off in my opinion.

  2. BravesFan22 says:

    “Standing by those principles in good times and bad:” Sue evidently overlooked Karen’s changes of heart regarding abortion and gay marriage. It certainly sounds better than saying, “She supported me during my run for GAGOP chairman simply to spite Deal and now I’m returning the favor.”

    Just my two cents.

  3. James Fannin says:

    of course Sue appreciates Karen’s strong support for her in her race against Governor Deal’s hand picked successor for Chair but her endorsement matters. She was a great Chairman who did great things for the party in Georgia and her endorsement matters to all those grassroots workers who appreciate her leadership.

  4. bkeahl says:

    It sounds a little like a few old dinosaurs might be having their own war on women. Or at the very least applying a double standard. If all involved were men would the “spite” assertion be made? I doubt it.

    The (now former) GAGOP Chair decides to endorse a candidate for U.S. Senate and somehow it’s being spiteful to the Governor; If she were to endorse an opponent of Deal you might have a point. If she did, could anyone really blame her? What would you think if you worked to get someone elected and then had that person endorse your opponent? A person receiving such treatment might (not unreasonably) argue that anyone who do that may be lacking in certain qualities needed to be governor. All she did was endorse a Senate candidate. So perhaps folks are reading a little more into this than there is.

    I have no doubt that if all men were involved we’d just be talking about the reality of big-boy politics.

    So, if you want to talk about spite or retaliation, let’s at least wait until she actually does something that might arguably fall into that category, like endorse one of Deal’s opponents.

    That being said, I am under the impression Sue and the Governor put the Chairman’s race behind them well before Sue’s last term came to an end. Does anyone know anything different?

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