Dirty Tricks Via Flyer Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Macon Runoffs

Macon Dirty Tricks

This flyer is apparently making the rounds in Macon today.  Astute observers note that it is very similar to this flyer that was circulated against Senator Miriam Paris the morning she lost against David Lucas in last year’s runoff, which is posted below the fold: 


Lucas Paris Dirty Tricks Flyer



  1. Rural31076 says:

    These tactics are among the worst of the worst. It is sad that people seeking election would stoop to these levels and sadder that this would draw a single vote.

  2. MattMD says:

    If you think Atlanta race politics are bad, try out Macon.

    You could give me a million-dollar house on Lake Tobesofkee and I still wouldn’t live there.

    The Lucas’ drag that place into the gutter whenever it is politically convenient for them.

  3. Jackster says:

    Sorry, I saw the first three words and assumed the entire article was written in German, and thus making a connection between “Zee Germans” and Macon.

    And… anyone who compares anything in the south to europe and germans is just dirty!

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