The Fundraising Quarter

Jim Galloway over at the AJC has two of the more interesting numbers from the last fundraising quarter.

Phil Gingrey did not have a spectacular quarter and only managed to pull in $290k. However his full war chest is still an impressive $2.6 million.

The second interesting number is David Perdue who raised $810k as well as put in $1m of his own cash. Pretty impressive fundraising for someone who is often considered a second tier candidate.

Finally there is Jack Kingston who pulled in $800k bringing his total war chest to $2.9m.


  1. Napoleon says:

    With Cousin Sonny’s statewide grassroots and fundraising network and his own personal finances, expect Perdue to not be in the 2nd tier for long. You also have to look at who is backing the Perdue campaign in the state GOP establishment.

  2. jiminga says:

    Knowing Perdue’s past business “experience” and ego I’m not at all surprised he would want to buy the nomination. He has no desire for public service, only a desire for personal gain.

    • lfishbern says:

      “Experience”? He was the CEO of three major companies. He turned all of them around. That’s what anyone with a brain calls business experience. He raised $810,000, loaned the campaign $500,000, and put $500,000 into the campaign. As someone who knows politics and campaigning, that’s not what is considered by any intelligent person as buying an election, it’s putting skin in the game. It’s obvious that you don’t support him, but don’t be blatantly misleading and down right untrue in your comments.

  3. John Konop says:

    The polling shows a very anti Washington feeling from the voters…..I wonder how this will play out in this race. I cannot tell you how many people tell they will not vote for current officeholders. I do think this gives Karen and Perdue an advantage. Money raising by dollars does not always equate to votes.

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