Oglethorpe County Straw Poll Results

The Oglethorpe County Republican Party met last night, and took a straw poll on some of the races we’ll see next November. We don’t know how many people participated in the poll, but we do know State School Superintendent Matt Schultz spoke at the meeting. As usual, straw poll results should be taken with a grain of salt.

The results are below the fold. Have a good weekend, and may your football team win.

U.S. Senate
Paul Broun (36%)
Jack Kingston (36%)
Karen Handel (21%)
Undecided (6%)
Phil Gingrey, Derrick Grayson, David Perdue, & Eugene Yu (0%)

Nathan Deal (79%)
Undecided (14%)
David Pennington (7%)
John Barge (0%)

State School Superintendent
Undecided (57%)
Matt Shultz (29%)
Richard Woods (14%)

10th District Congress
Gary Gerrard (42%)
Undecided (17%)
Donna Sheldon (13%)
Jody Hice (8%)
Stephen Simpson (8%)
Brian Slowinski (8%)
Mike Collins (4%)


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    here’s my guesses as to the total number of ballots cast based on percentage increments:

    14 (or could be half that)
    25 (even though the Undecided / Sheldon percentages are irregular)

  2. Jon Lester says:

    I can probably name most of the participants, not that I will, but I can tell you that this straw poll is probably more indicative than most of how the county at large will vote next spring.

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