Sahar Hekmati Accused Of Impersonating A City Official

Sahar Hekmati has made news in Georgia politics a few times, and she’s at it again:

Police say that Sahar Hekmati was impersonating a city employee and threatening business owners who showed support for certain mayoral candidates.

Candidate Vanessa Holiday said she anticipated losing campaign signs, but was stunned to learn someone impersonated the city’s code enforcement officer demanding a photography studio, nail salon and Mexican restaurant take down her signs or face a fine of $500.

Holiday said she learned of the interference from the real code enforcement officer.

“She came out to do an investigation. She gave them her ID and let them know that it was not her that removed those signs,” Holiday said.

Henry County police arrested Hekmati, a local businesswoman, and charged her with impersonating a public official. Police say the charge, depending on the severity, can be interpreted as either a misdemeanor or felony and is punishable by up to a year to five years in jail and/or a fine of $1,000.

It is unknown if Hekmati is connected to a campaign according to Fox5, but it looks like the pettiness and silliness displayed by the former 13th Congressional District Republican Party chairman hasn’t ended.


  1. The same Sahar who hasn’t turned over admin rights to the 13th district GOP Facebook page? I’m shocked!

    Note that she hasn’t been the Chair for the 13th district for months now, and is still posting on FB as the 13th district GOP. How do I know it’s her? 3rd story down about “Debbie Does Solar”, if you click on the link to open the story, click the update subscription preferences link… there’s her e-mail address. 🙂 I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the latest post from August is a link to the Stockbridge mayor’s Facebook page. 😉

  2. benevolus says:

    This isn’t even sausage making. This is like graffiti on the restroom wall of the meat packing plant.

  3. jstjoan says:

    Back in May of last year when Peach Pundit reported about a lawsuit Sahar Hekmati filed against three women from the Republican Women of Henry County, many commenters here bought into her victim claim and railed against these women AND the Henry County Republican Party for their supposed bigotry, racism, divisiveness, and hate.

    While the lawsuit has yet to be settled, I am confidant that these fine women will be exonerated.

    Since she filed that defamation suit, Sahar has been arrested at least twice, has had at least one judgement against her for unpaid debts in Henry County Courts and at least one other suit filed against her for additional unpaid debts; was instrumental in the extraordinary effort to undermine the 2012 13th District convention which got tossed by the ENTIRE State GOP, and lost her chairmanship of the 13th District mainly because of what many consider to be her manipulative and underhanded tactics.

    The article from CBS Atlanta about Sahar’s most recent alleged criminal escapades clearly states that a Mayoral candidate (a Democrat although it’s a nonpartisan race) was the one who made the report to the police.

    Yet, the article quotes Sahar as saying that the Henry County Republican Party was somehow behind all of this and we are are to get her. Her actual quote in the article was “I’m devastated. It’s like the Henry County Republican Party as a whole is after me.” How is this not a justification of her delusional hatred for the members of Henry County GOP?

    I sincerely hope that all of you will click on the very first link provided in the first sentence of this article and go back and read the vicious comments about Henry County GOP and the three women she has waged lawfare on with her unfounded lawsuit. Then, when that case is discharged, which I am confident it will be, post a massive headline here at Peach Pundit saying as much.

    • While I can certainly see Sahar doing something like this, there’s an issue with something in the CBS story. The employee says his co-workers saw a blond haired woman. Either he misspoke, or Sahar isn’t actually guilty. I guess that’s why we call it innocent until proven guilty, huh?

      • Doug Grammer says:

        If she’s guilty, hold her accountable. I’ve disagreed with her on a few issues, such as when she floated the idea of running for state GOP Chairman.

        • Napoleon says:

          I think she should run. Who else in the GOP is willing to take the GOP message of limited government to our inmate population? I bet most inmates would be receptive to the idea of less government control over their lives and it seems only Sahar is willing to go there with that message.

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