Johnny Isakson on CNBC Squawk Box

Sen. Johnny Isakson was on Squawk Box with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen talking about Isakson’s biennial budget bill. In the midst of the shutdown and both sides consistently acting like toddlers, it’s nice to see that at least someone wants to do their job and govern.

For more information on the idea go here.


  1. caroline says:

    Out of all the reps that I have had in my district, Isakson was the best one. He may or may not agree with you but he at least was willing to listen to what you had to say.

  2. Harry says:

    If the budgeting process is less frequent it means it’s also less democratic, especially if performed in electoral off years.

      • bgsmallz says:

        Actually…maybe we do. It used to not be a democracy but we also used to not be like European governments where a small faction of a party (those ‘hard liners’!) could completely disrupt effective governing to the point of debt crises, gridlock, and general inefficiencies. And Obamacare on top of it! Everyone on the far left and far right are going Euro!!!! Agenda 21 is here and Paul Braun and Harry Reid are co-conspirators! Welcome to Greece, everyone!

        Sorry…vent over.

  3. gcp says:

    Perhaps if Isakson had a history as a budget cutter rather than as a big spender I would listen to him. For those that want small government just move on…there is nothing to see here.

    • bgsmallz says:

      Right…because not listening to people with different viewpoints is what has made this country great!!!

      This is why no one wants to follow this faction of tea partiers, small gov’t republicans, whatever you want to call them…not because some of their ideas aren’t right, but because no one likes the guy that raises his hand in class and pouts when it isn’t his turn to talk. That kid was a jerk.

      I’m not sure of one successful political movement in a free society that came about by bludgeoning the non-believer into submission. But maybe they can be the first.

      Oh wait…I forgot they probably won’t read this.

      • caroline says:

        Here’s the thing though: while talking about “small government” or “less government” out of one side of their mouth, the other side is telling the evangelicals “I’m with you guys” who want the biggest privacy invasions and really do not care about spending because after all the rapture is going to happen tomorrow.

      • benevolus says:

        I think there have been plenty of political movements achieve success by bludgeoning their opponents, but their bludgeoning was probably more literal than you meant.

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