GDOT and the Road Ahead

The Crescent Business Report has an interview with Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Keith Golden. They talk about everything from regional cooperation to transit to operational efficiency. It’s worth the read to see where the Transportation folks think we are going as a state.

Here’s the full article.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    “Commissioner Golden explains that of the $2 billion GDOT annual budget, off the top, $400 million goes to service debt…”

    It’s a debt fraction that has increased under self proclaimed fiscally conservative GOP control of state government.

    • Harry says:

      How did the GDOT annual budget get to be $2 Billion? Are you sure that’s correct? Only four years ago the total state budget was less than $2 Billion.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        The quote is from the link. Off the cuff I’d would’ve said GDOT’s budget is closer to $1B than $2B.

        You’ve lost a zero, I recollect the state budget peaking a bit north of $20B a few years ago.

    • Scott65 says:

      I just know if I have to read another frickin editorial in the paper by Benita Dodd or whatever her name is I’m gonna scream and go burn sage somewhere near my copy of the AJC

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