Congressman Doug Collins On Administration’s Treatment Of Military During Shutdown

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) issued a statement on the Obama’s treatment of the military during the shutdown of the federal government:

Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) made the following statement after reports surfaced that the Department of Defense had entered into an agreement with Fisher House to outsource military death benefits during the government shutdown.

“The fine people at Fisher House do incredible service to our military.  It is unconscionable that the Obama Administration is taking advantage of the kindness and resources of Fisher House so that the Senate can hold its political position over the government shutdown.

 “The federal government has promises it must keep, no matter its political makeup or its fiscal status. Today the House voted unanimously to provide these benefits to the bereaved families of our fallen service members. At a time when the Obama Administration is denying service members and families access to religious services, it is a further insult to our military men and women that the Senate would duck its responsibilities and thus force a private charity to step up and keep the federal government’s obligations to those who have given their all.”

Congressman Doug Collins offered H.Con.Res. 58, which passed the House 400-1 on Saturday expressing the sense of the Congress that military chaplains be permitted to provide religious services during the government shutdown. Senate Democrats objected to passage of this measure in the Senate today.

It should also be noted that Congressman Collins, as a military chaplain, cannot pray with soldiers because of the shutdown, but our federal government will allow a private foundation to pay death benefits for soldiers.


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