8. Confirmed with a Photo

As promised, Art Gardner announced his candidacy this morning to a sizable crowd in Atlanta labeling himself “fiscally conservative and socially tolerant”, which is worthy of discussion considering the social policy of several other Senate candidates. Also to be discussed is the interestingly busy logo, which you can see on the website (props), and the number of hours it will take to get through these debates in the Spring.

The press release is below the fold.


Atlanta, GA—October 9, 2013—Today, Art Gardner formally announced his campaign for U.S. Senate in Georgia becoming the 8th candidate in the Republican Primary to replace retiring Saxby Chambliss.

Speaking outside the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta to a crowd of approximately 50 people, Gardner discussed his plan to downsize the deficit, the need to refocus on compromise and bipartisanship in Washington and the need for the Republican Party to become a Big Tent party again.

“I’m running because our fiscal problems are serious and serious problems require serious leadership and bold solutions. Never has it been clearer that the current political class in Washington is incapable of working together, finding compromise and solving these tough issues,” said Gardner.  “The American people do not believe compromise is a dirty word and yet politicians in Washington avoid it like the plague with terrible consequence.”

The first time candidate expanded on his philosophy of conservatism and where he believes the GOP should be headed. “The Republican Party has never been as narrow as it is today.  Ronald Reagan’s Big Tent party isn’t what it used to be,” said Gardner. “It is wrong to pursue policies that pit one group against another or which are intolerant of people’s differences. I cannot agree that the morality of some be the law of the land for all.” He continued, “81% of Americans under 30 believe in marriage equality. How can our party expect to win, if we exclude major segments of the population with divisive social policies?”

He closed with “Fiscally conservative and socially tolerant, my number one goal is to solve our nation’s urgent and dire fiscal problems.”

Art Gardner spent over a decade working as a car mechanic and then as a manufacturing engineer with Lockheed Martin based in Georgia.  In 1995, he founded the law firm Gardner Groff Greenwald & Villanueva, which specializes in intellectual property matters. He received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and Juris Doctor from Georgia State. He is a former chairman of the Atlanta Society of Automotive Engineers and Boy Scout leader.  Art and his wife Anita have two adult sons and a daughter in college. They reside in Marietta.



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