Dr. Bert Loftman: (Wannabe) Arbiter Of Conservatism

After Dr. Bert Loftman lost the election to succeed Nathan Deal in the US House back in 2010, he created ElectTheRightCandidate.org.  His premise was to grade legislators based upon how they voted on various pieces of legislation (because, you know, we don’t have enough conservative organization report cards for candidates already).  Ok, but the metrics seem to be based upon one man’s opinion and interpretation of the impact of legislation.  Perhaps Dr. Loftman consulted his Tea Party cohorts, but I’m not entirely sure.

Dr. Loftman has written a letter to the editor concerning his ratings of state legislators vs. how the American Conservative Union (ACU) rated our state legislators:

Dear Editor,

The American Conservative Union (ACU) rated these seventeen Georgia State Senators as Conservative All-Stars: Don Balfour, Charlie Bethel, Dean Burke, Buddy Carter, Ronnie Chance, Tyler Harper, Hunter Hill, Jack Hill, Bill Jackson, Fran Millar, Jeff Mullis, David Shafer, Cecil Staton, Jesse Stone, Ross Tolleson, and Renee Unterman.  ElectTheRightCandidate.us graded them as replaceable RINOs.

This discrepancy occurred because the two systems use very different grading systems.   Both used conservative legislations like SB 101 that prevented the government creating a database of gun owners.  However, the real test is how politicians vote on non-conservative legislations.  Only ElectTheRightCandidate.us used the following non-conservative legislations.

All of the RINO Senators voted Yes to HB 318 that has taxpayer dollars investing in “seed capital.”  Governments investing or owning businesses is socialism.  It is crony capitalism when governments pick business winners and losers.

The RINOs voted Yes for HB 198 that licenses and regulates navigators for health care exchanges.  Conservatives should be working to end ObamaCare, not to facilitate it.

All of these Senators voted Yes for SB 81 that protects Ginseng plants on private property.  The result is that once farmers have planted Ginseng, they must continue planting it.  Also, a person cannot build their home if a Ginseng plant is on the site.  This legislation is now law and it destroys property rights.

All of these Senators except for Sen. Bethel also voted Yes for HB 354 that regulates pre schools.  This should be a matter for the local school boards.

The ACU has the reputation of being a conservative organization.  Rating seventeen replaceable RINOs as “Conservative All-Stars” tarnishes this reputation.

Thanks, Bert Loftman

Director of www.ElectTheRightCandidate.us

Peach Pundit’s resident legislator, Rep. Buzz Brockway, can’t even catch a break.  Dr. Loftman rates Buzz at “Moderate”.  Of course, Dr. Loftman also rates 58% of the Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly as being “Replaceable RINOs”.  Anyway, review Dr. Loftman’s ratings and share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Ellynn says:

    Inorder for Pre-K to be regulated by local school boards, both house and senate would have pass a bill to move the Pre-K out of DECAL into the Department of Education. By doing so, the number of children added to system for FTE budgeting would increase, plus Pre-K funds would no longer be available for private schools and daycares – DOE funds can only be used for taxpayer funded systems and/or charters.

    This of course would mean any legislator who would willing vote to increase the size of a government department while reducing funds to private non-government sources would have to be down graded in Dr. Loftman Conservative ra(n)ting to do what the he wanted done in the first place.

  2. Cloverhurst says:

    This guy can’t be taken seriously- just read through his little website- he seems to not understand the legislative process and the English language.

    Example: Speaker of the House David Ralston decides which legislations are voted on in the Georgia Senate.


  3. James Fannin says:

    Just did a search on Opensecrets.org to see how much Loftman has contributed to Republican candidates and given that he doesn’t actually give to Republicans, he pretty much the very definition of a RINO, Republican in Name Only. If you aren’t paying any dues, you don’t get to decide who is in the club.

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