Broun Endorsed By Citizens United

It’s not just a nice letter, it’s also a check for $15,000.

From the press release.

“Paul Broun is a doctor, veteran and active reservist, Congressman, family man, and the only true conservative running for the United States Senate in Georgia,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “The United States Senate is broken under the leadership of Harry Reid and Dr. Broun as a citizen-legislator will bring his bedrock conservative principles to an institution that sorely needs it. To put it frankly, Dr. Paul Broun has a steel spine and will not waiver on conservative issues where others might bend. Dr. Broun is the best candidate for the job and I am proud to support a patriot who will take on the Washington establishment in the United States Senate.” – See more at:


  1. Stefan says:

    how can they write him a 15k check? Did limits get struck down when I wasn’t paying attention?

    Also, though I appreciate the assistance of others when determining how to vote, I generally don’t take advice from folks that don’t know the difference between “waver” and “waiver”.

    • DTK says:

      “how can they write him a 15k check? ”

      PACs can give candidates $5,000 for each election, and “election” means a primary election; a general election; and a runoff election, which could be either a runoff for the primary or the general election. See 11 CFR 100.2.

      • Stefan says:

        Right, was thinking individual and I thought the runoff was limited to 3k, but that’s for a different office. thanks for the knowledge!

  2. James Fannin says:

    Citizens United endorsed Todd Akin in Missouri and David Bossie predicted a victory after funding a private poll supposedly showing Akin up by 5 in September. They encouraged Akin to stay the course after he made a few “Broun like comments about rape” and in the end it meant 6 more years of the dreadful Claire McCaskill in the US Senate. Now they endorse Broun, the one Republican Michelle Nunn could beat. Are these guys working for the other side or what?

    • benevolus says:

      Claire McCaskill, dreadful:

      “Since being elected to the Senate, McCaskill has consistently been named by the National Journal in its ideological rankings as one of the ten most moderate Senators.[12] In 2011, she was ranked exactly 50th on its scale of most-liberal to most-conservative.[13] The Washington Post reported in 2012 that she was the second-most-likely Democratic Senator to vote against her party.[12]”

    • Baker says:

      I’m not sure even Broun could lose, but he’ll inevitably say something that might impact Republicans negatively somewhere that it matters.

  3. Romegaguy says:

    How can you believe Citizens United when the called him Congressman? It has never been proven that Mr. Broun has indeed been sworn in.

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