My Name Is Jason Carter, and I’m (Not Quite Yet) Running for Governor

Over at the Political Insider, we get the news that State Senator Jason Carter of Decatur is thinking about a run for the governorship in 2014:

We’re told that state Sen. Jason Carter, a Decatur Democrat and grandson of the former president, has commissioned a poll to “test the political environment, given recent events,” for a 2014 run for governor.

Those events include a fresh round of allegations that Deal’s office played a heavy-handed role in picking the ethics chief who helped weigh complaints against him, and some pushback on Republican efforts to obstruct the Affordable Care Act in Georgia.

Carter, who represents the the 42nd District, is the grandson of President Jimmy Carter. Not unlike the candidacy of Michelle Nunn for Senate, his lineage would be expected to bring him national attention and fundraising capability for a run at Georgia’s top job.

I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that Senator Carter will be heading to UGA on Wednesday to appear on an education panel?


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