Morning Reads 7 October 2013

Did anyone else almost have multiple heart attacks from college football this weekend?

Today marks the anniversary of Massachusetts’ colonial charter. Continuing with the Massachusetts theme, this is also the day that President Kennedy signed the Partial Test Ban Treaty.


The impact of The Walking Dead on a small Georgia town.
The AJC remembers Portia Scott, former Managing Editor of the Atlanta Daily World.
Sex, Lies, and the Savannah Chatham Police.
A small manufacturing plant in LaGrange has racked up the most federal safety violations of any other plant in Georgia.
I guess some people just want to keep Georgia at the bottom when it comes to education.

National International

Don’t you have bigger things to worry about Mr. President?
SCOTUS enters into session today and here’s a peak at the docket and what may come of the cases heard.
Speaker Boehner says he won’t consider raising the debt ceiling without addressing long term spending.
Everything you need to know about a government shutdown.
Disarming Syria of Chemical Weapons has begun.
Two US raids in Africa (1 in Libya and 1 in Somalia) highlight some issues about American reach.


Alabama v. Georgia State 45-3, Sorry Ed
Arkansas v. Florida 10-30
Auburn v. Ole Miss 30-22
Georgia v. Tennessee 34-31
Kentucky v. South Carolina 28-35
LSU v. Mississippi State 59-26
Missouri v. Vanderbilt 51-28

Everything Else

I’m not sure if I should be shocked or congratulatory.
Researchers may have figured out why Einstein was so smart.
Redskins receiver Dante’ Stallworth is secretly foreign policy wonk?!?


  1. Noway says:

    Thanks for the posts, Eric, but Georgia keeps itself pretty much languishing at the bottom of everything education anyway. It’s what we do…

    • Eric The Younger says:

      I know. I’m a product of it and it bothers me immensely that no one in a position to do so will actually do what is needed to fix the problem.

  2. Jon Lester says:

    I’ll agree that long-term spending needs to be reigned in, but there are numerous things that could be cut from the budget that Republicans aren’t even entertaining, not that Democrats are any more forthcoming. Things like foreign aid, contracts for overseas military bases, and black projects could all at least be audited, if not slashed, and the average American wouldn’t notice enough difference to even care. Cutting farm subsidies would be felt in the marketplace, certainly, but that’s a correction that needs to happen.

  3. saltycracker says:

    ‘Noles 63 – Terps 0

    The other “holy smokes” game after GA/TN:
    Denver 51 – Dallas 48…..

    • Eric The Younger says:

      There was also Ohio State-Northwestern, ND-Arizona State, and SC-Kentucky. All of which almost ended in stroke/heart attack for me. I was very happy about the Denver game. Down to the wire, but a good ending.

  4. peachstealth says:

    The Redskins just need to ad the word Potatoes to their name.
    Washington Red Skin Potatoes disparages no one and
    you can just call em the Spuds for short.

    • Ellynn says:

      I can see the headline now…

      “Red Skins Mashed by Giants”.
      “Cowboys Roll Red Skins”
      “Saints Bury Red Skins for the Season”
      “Red Skins Coach is Half Baked”

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