H. Lamar in Hot Water

Andre Dickens, who is running against the now-disbarred H. Lamar Willis for a seat on the Atlanta City Council, took time to tell voters what he thinks about the news. Believe it or not, Dickens thinks the disbarment should ban Willis from public office.

“It is abundantly clear that Mr. Willis operates without any ethical boundaries or even the bare minimum of care or concern for others,” Dickens said in a statement (posted in its entirety below).

Doing a quick search, Willis does not appear to have a reaction of his own, but I will update it if I find one.

However, he posted this on Facebook this morning: “During the greatest recession I have helped the city field its largest police force and increased reserves from $7 to $126 million without raising taxes. Projects like the Atlanta Beltline are bringing millions of dollars of investment to our neighborhoods, and companies are moving jobs back to Atlanta.”

This morning the Supreme Court of Georgia disbarred Councilman Lamar Willis.

The opinion follows Mr. Willis’ repeated, well-documented disregard for the law where he has enriched himself by starting a fake charity under the guise of raising scholarship funds for high school students, used that charity to shake down contributions from airport contractors and this case, where Mr. Willis stole money from a minor who was accident victim whom he represented.

Consider the following quotes from the unanimous court decision regarding Willis stealing from a child he was hired to represent:

“…he converted the funds to his own use”

“Despite requests to do so, Willis has not reimbursed the defendants.”

“The Review Panel found not credible Willis’s assertion that his depression left him unable to respond.”

and perhaps most telling:

“the facts in this case demonstrate Willis’s extreme disregard of his duty to safeguard the property of a client, which undermines the public trust.”

It is abundantly clear that Mr. Willis operates without any ethical boundaries or even the bare minimum of care or concern for others.

We believe the Court’s decision to disbar Mr. Willis should disqualify him from holding public office.

We believe that people who have been barred from practicing law in the State of Georgia for unethical behavior should not be allowed to serve in a lawmaking capacity.

Fortunately, the people of Atlanta have viable alternative for the Post 3 Atlanta City Council seat – Andre Dickens. Andre is a deacon, Sunday school teacher, Georgia Tech administrator, former small business owner and proven to be an upstanding, hard-working member of the community. He truly loves this city and is committed to a better Atlanta.

“This was never about Lamar Willis for me. When I decided to run for office, my only consideration was public service to the constituents of the Atlanta that I love dearly. There are good, trustworthy public servants in this city and, if elected, I plan to be one of them.”

On November 5th, let’s vote for the candidate we can be proud to support. Andre Dickens.


  1. MattMD says:

    Is it just me or does the whole ‘initial in front of your name’ thing come off sounding pretentious as hell? Reminds me of academia.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald gets a pass, though.

  2. GeorgeS says:

    Lamar Willis’ remarks struck a cord with me. I like what he had to say and I can relate to making mistakes. Who’s perfect? No one is. The people elected him, and he’s doing a great job so far. I like what he’s done for Atlanta.

  3. HappyHappyHappy says:

    I supported Lamar before today and I will continue to support him. Nothing changes for me.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Supporting a disbarred friend us one thing, supporting same for public office is prima facie evidence of a broken ethical compass for the public welfare.

  5. Thunderball says:

    Andre Dickens owes over $1 Million dollars?!!! Dickens has been talking non stop about his opponent, but what about Dickens financial issues?! I’d be darned if I voted someone into city hall that was in hard debt of over $1 million dollars. Seems as though he should dedicate the next few years to keeping his word and paying his debts instead of running for office. That in and of it’s self causes me to question his decision making abilities. (And no I am not a sock puppet)

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