Atlanta Councilman H Lamar Willis Disbarred

The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that Atlanta City Councilman H. Lamar Willis can no longer practice law.  Max Blau of Creative Loafing has the details:

The Georgia Supreme Court this morning ordered the 12-year council vet and private attorney be disbarred following ethics violations that took place in July 2011 when Willis deposited $30,000 of a client’s personal injury settlement into his personal bank account.

According to the court’s opinion, Willis showed “extreme disregard of his duty to safeguard the property of a client,” obstructed the the court’s proceedings by not responding to a formal complaint, and showed “indifference” to paying back the money he owed.

Willis still has his City Council pay to fall back on.  Good thing that the council voted themselves a fifty percent pay raise last December.



  1. Ed says:

    So what can a lawyer do for employment if s/he is disbarred? I guess go back to school or take a few steps down the QOL ladder?

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