Morning Reads for Friday, October 4, 2013 … AKA #shutdownDay4

– There was some baseball game last night where some guy named Kershaw showed up up the home team. Why does ESPN hate the Dawgs Braves so much??
No camo for you!
Herschel Walker to compete on The Food Network.
– Look at who is the top-highest paid Georgia official out of lots of highly paid Georgia officials (warning: talking head starts immediately)
– Georgia makes another happy list. Augusta ranked 8th nationwide in furloughed federal employees.
– New Georgia Studies book available for Kindle
– Georgians luvz TMZ (really?)
Food Truck Fridays!

(Not much going on) There:
The new tone. Or something. Again.
– More backstory on the shuttering of Lavabit.
Hurricanes don’t care ’bout no furloughs.

Random Everywhere:
Where NOT to die, if you can help it.
– And the #shutdownSnark goes on and on …
– RIP Tom Clancy.


  1. seenbetrdayz says:

    Since the 1st day of the shutdown, we’ve been told that congressmen who won’t vote to reopen government aren’t behaving like ‘adults.’

    So, does this mean that the ‘kids’ are reducing the deficit?:

    I miss the days when democrats and republicans used to beat each other up over who could claim the credit for reducing the budget deficit.

    Anyway, it’s dropping by about $170 million per day, with just 15% of the government shut down. Can the “adults” in the room cut 15% out of our budget?

  2. Ed says:

    The good news about the shutdown for Obama is that statisticians are non essential so we can’t get an official unemployment report.

  3. xdog says:

    I expect Obama to tell the gopers that he’ll sign a clean CR only if they also approve all his judicial nominees and grant statehood to DC.

  4. saltycracker says:

    The #1 cost savings to date is the cancellation of a massive Presidential entourage to Asia.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Are you sure? NY times reported at the White House workers who do remain on duty will have to eat turkey soup. Turkey soup! Outrageous. It’s as if our gov’t is truly coming apart at the seams.

  5. Noway says:

    Interesting story on Lavabit. Here’s a guy who was smart enough to put together an encryption service. Snowden uses it. NSA wants access. Along with the ability to read Snowden’s the keys they want will give them access to Lavabit’s other 400k customers. Mr. Lavabit says nope and shuts the whole thing down. What’s the group’s opinion? I say bravo to him. It’s his sweat and blood!

    I actually use a service similar to Lavabit. Encrypted text and phone. Unbreakable. Period. For those in the gov’t it’s like having your own STU-III. I talked secure overseas just this morning. Many political folks use it, meaning consultants and the like.

    I’ll send the name to Charlie through the tip line if anyone is interested.

    • benevolus says:

      I would imagine y’all making encrypted overseas calls raises a red flag somewhere, even if they can’t know exactly what you are saying. They can still connect dots.

      • Noway says:

        The overseas example, was just that, an example. If you and your friends are using this service, they can’t hear your wife asking you to bring milk home. A lot of overseas service members use this service and until making a phone call becomes illegal, they can ding me all they want.

      • Noway says:

        Ben, I forgot to add, this service issues you a new phone number that is used only through the service, it isn’t tagged as being yours like your AT&T number is known by the gov’t as yours. So, the calls I make anywhere in the world are not known as Noway’s number!

          • Noway says:

            That’s the point of this, Ben, there are no numbers for them to flag….It is my understanding that there is nothing to monitor. No numbers, whether they are the serice’s issued numbers or any number that is displayed for anyone listening.

  6. saltycracker says:

    If the Fed workers start collecting unemployment next week and their pay is later restored, as expected, will they have a double paid vacation ?

    Bloomberg says unemployment apps were up – pre-shutdown.

    It is past time for the house to vote, Boehner will drag it out and the Democrats will act hysterically because:

    You never want a serious crisis to go to waste
    Rahm Emanuel

    • Ellynn says:

      Not all workers laid off were federal. Some private contractors got their contracts put on hold and laid off staff. I know of at least two major construction jobs in this state for federal clients put on hold because the federal construction coordinator is furloughed.

      • saltycracker says:

        Getting back on time is usually pretty profitable when the one who made the contract caused the delay.

    • pettifogger says:

      I just wish we could end some of the drama about employees not getting paid (those who aren’t at home). Tuning into the networks, you’d think these folks got cash at the end of every workday.

      They’re going to get paid, sheesh.

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