Johnny Isakson Praises Chris Carr

Senator Johnny Isakson took to the Senate Floor to spend a few minutes praising his outgoing Chief of Staff, Chris Carr. Carr will be Georgia’s Commissioner of Economic Development starting next month. In the mean time, he’s still on the job with the Senator as they work though the budget and debt ceiling issues.

I’ll keep this one short as the Senator’s words captured who Chris is and what he’s done fairly well. While we all get to quarterback from the cheap seats, Chris has quite literally been on the front row.  He’s loyal, unassuming, but also a fierce competitor.

I’ve known Chris since we were at UGA together, and have benefited from being able to use him as a sounding board more times than he’s probably liked. He’s one of the good guys, and one I’m proud to know. I look forward to his work at Georgia Economic Development, as well as watching Joan Kirchner assume his role. She’ll have big shoes to fill.


  1. Napoleon says:

    Same here Charlie. I worry that some day Chris will ask as much of me as I have asked of him over the years. He is one of the honorable and service minded people I have every met. Sometimes you look at an appointment and say, “Who was friends with who to make that happen.”

    With Chris, all you can say is, “About time!”


  2. johnl says:

    Chris is, by far, one of Georgia’s best and brightest. He is an outstanding choice for Commissioner of Economic Development. He cares deeply for our fair state and he will serve her well.

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