Attention, Bicyclists!

Point your handlebars toward Gainesville for the ONLY Public Hearing Scheduled for Bicycle Legislation! (And bring a liberty drum, if you have one.)

ATLANTA – State Representatives Carl Rogers (R-Gainesville), Lee Hawkins (R-Gainesville) and Emory Dunahoo (R-Gainesville) will host a public hearing on House Bill 689 Monday, October 7, 2013 from 6:00p.m.-8:00 p.m. at the Hall County Government Center. House Bill 689 would make changes to laws governing the operation and use of bicycles in the state of Georgia.  More information about the legislation can be found here.  This is the only public hearing scheduled to discuss this legislation.  Members of the public interested in this bill are encouraged to attend. 

WHO: Rep. Carl Rogers (R-Gainesville), Rep. Lee Hawkins (R-Gainesville) and Rep. Emory Dunahoo (R-Gainesville)

WHAT:     Public Hearing to discuss House Bill 689

WHEN:     Monday, October 7, 2013 6:00p.m.-8:00 p.m.

WHERE:  Hall County Government Center

2875 Browns Bridge Road

Gainesville, GA 30504



  1. Jackster says:

    I’m sooo confused – where is this actually coming from?

    Is Lake Lanier Islands upset that tons of people ride bikes into their compound without charging a fee, and therefore some how if they could charge a fee because it has a tag, then they’d be happy?

    Are these people being primaried at all? I mean come on.

  2. Max Power says:

    What a surprise, small government republicans look to create a new tax and rob people of one of the last truly free means of transportation. Like someone once sang:

    If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
    If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

    • Raleigh says:

      Sorry Mr. Power All those things are already taxed, many more times that just once. Remember there was 151 taxes in a single loaf of bread over 40 years ago. Do you think that number has gone down?

      • Stefan says:

        We should tax subject-verb failures. We’d probably be able to wipe out the income tax.

        Also, I enjoy your unsourced, barely remembered, anecdotal evidence. I am to gain what from it, that you support the bicycle tax because we may or may not have once had a complicated tax structure as applied to bread?

        • Raleigh says:

          Funny but your comments are irrelevant, wrong and lack any logical grasp on the subject same as anyone who believes business pay taxes.

  3. Jessica S. says:

    This may be one of those times where the Liberty drum isn’t a one (wo)man show playing at an event….

  4. Ellynn says:

    So… If I am a college student or active military who legally lives in Georgia but goes to school in South Carolina, my bike in South Carolina needs to have a Geogia license plate orI’ll be fined $100.

    If I’m a college student or Military in Georgia but a legal resident of another state, I technically under this bill do not need a license plate, but I will get harassared by every cop (and the parking service ticket writing troll) in the state because I don’t have one.

    Explain why we need this again…

    • Raleigh says:

      To help pay the millions of dollars GDOT has spent on new bike lanes on state highways and to pay for how much more they want to spend. If the GDOT is going to expend funds making bicycles lanes and the state give bicycles the same road rights as motor vehicles then bicycles should be tagged, pay road tax and be subject to all traffic laws like any other motor vehicle including mandatory liability insurance. If we are going to build bicycle lanes then bicycle taxes should pay to build them. What’s wrong with that?

      • mountainpass says:

        Quit building the bike lanes, it’s that easy.

        Cyclists are subject to traffic laws. And FYI 50cc mopeds aren’t required to have insurance or tag.

        • Raleigh says:

          You can’t quit building what is already there. From Canton east GDOT built bike lanes. They did it because the Bicyclist lobby pushed hard for it. Of course I have not seen the first bicycle on those new lanes but considering how poorly they were designed and built I’m not surprised. Someone should be fired for that fiasco on SR20. As far as mopeds they should be tagged too.

          • mountainpass says:

            “You can’t quit building what is already there.”

            Well if it’s already there, it has already been paid for, and yes you can stop. As someone else above pointed out above, the money collected would go to the general fund, not bike lane building. Plus the bike lane’s are mostly funded through federal grants from what I understand.

            • Raleigh says:

              All the money goes into the General fund. That’s the law and a topic of another conversation. and no bike lanes are not funded through federal grants on state highways. That comes out of the GDOT budget. Anyway if it were federal grants as you claim where did the fed get the money, that would be the taxpayer. You cannot defend tax subsidized bike lanes, it is only welfare for guys who like wearing tights.

              • Stefan says:

                You don’t think bicyclists pay taxes? You should be thrilled someone is using a bike instead of a car. It is way less wear on the road, the chance of them injuring someone else is practically nil, it reduces traffic, that person is healthier which reduces your insurance costs – what’s the problem here? Is it that you don’t ride a bike?

                • Raleigh says:

                  Again wrong as usual. Yes I ride a bike and own 4 of them plus I ride them (gasp) on the road. Your argument is lame. I also ride a motorcycle. Using your logic I should not have to tag or pay taxes on my motorcycle because…wait for it… it uses less gas, it takes up almost the same space as a bicycle, and does not cause wear and tear on the roads. The problem is GDOT is building bike path along state highways and paying for it with funds generated from Automobiles. Motorcycles, and other road users. Quit being a freeloaded and make the users pay for their bike paths. Cars and motorcycles can’t use those paths so why should they pay for it.

              • mountainpass says:

                “You cannot defend tax subsidized bike lanes, it is only welfare for guys who like wearing tights.”

                Uh, I’m the one who said quit building them.

      • saltycracker says:

        Dont get into this being logical. No chance in Georgia, with specialty tags most of the fees go into general fund.

        Followed a line of cars yesterday for a mile + where a car would not cross the double lines to pass a cyclist by 3 feet.

        Here in Cherokee, Hickory Flat we have 3 schools with daily active fields & grounds, a library, a day care with an activity field, fast food places, a thousand nearby homes, thousands of children moving about……..NO or only partial sidewalks. That is B.S.

        • mountainpass says:

          I’m an avid cyclist and I was opposed to the 3′ law. There was already a way to charge someone getting to close, Reckless driving. The 3′ law is silly, how is a LEO going to know exactly if it’s 3′ or 2’11”? Anyway has anyone been charged with the 3′ law?

          • saltycracker says:

            Selective enforcement can be a revenue item when needed…..but someone had a motive to create the law. Was a lobbyist needing to earn their way involved ?

          • Ellynn says:

            I’ve seen it cited when an accident has happened after the fact in my county. On the other hand, most of the heavy traffic touristy roads have either a bike line, or a bike trail that runs parralle to the road.

            • Stefan says:

              That’s exactly correct. It is put there as a guideline for vehicles, especially those who try to intimidate cyclists – which happens all the time. It makes ticketing after an accident a more clear-cut decision for the officer.

        • Raleigh says:

          Are you proposing a law to tax walkers so you can build more sidewalks? Level a tax on shoes. That should get the ball rolling on your sidewalk projects.

  5. Raleigh says:

    Funny, however if you own a car you don’t have to insure it or buy a tag so long as you don’t drive it on public roads. When we ran a farm we had farm vehicles that we used on the farm property only and not on the road. You would not have to buy a tag or insure your bike, if you don’t plan to ride it on public roads or as we have now public bike paths. Of course some parents tell their kids to go play in the street and they really mean it.

  6. Max L. says:

    WoW, been awhile since I visited ol’ PP and is seems ‘standards & practices’ is done for.

    Really, Noway? – I’d like to think that regardless how objectionable any legislation MAY appear to, we should respect the fact these are sitting lawmakers. Some cleverness toward their disparagement might take a moment more to conceive and write, but at least it points toward respect of office.

    Now then, a good Joe assures me that this ain’t going nowhere… Joe says:

    “One potential positive that could come out of it is greater dialogue, understanding — AND — possibly — the state or county up there realizing that there’s positive economic impact & WHAT they could do to foster that…”

    You think the Girl Scouts can lobby, don’t mess with those who wear Spandex in public …

    • Raleigh says:

      You think the Girl Scouts can lobby, don’t mess with those who wear Spandex in public …

      Oh heck NO….Now that’s funny…..

    • Noway says:

      Sorry to offend your fragile sensibilities there, Max. Grab a hankie and try to breathe…
      Anybody who proposes such crap legislation has lost their freaking mind and has been there way too long! These three, all of them should be primaried and booted out either by the Repub in the primary or a now-salivating Dem who sees his opportunity. Imagine your four year old daughter on training wheels having to get a G-D**N tag for her bike??? You know what? This is a one – issue topic that could send all three of these clowns home.
      This is, at the very least, is a pure money grab to get into our back pockets yet again or the pinnacle of sheer political stupidity. No one that stupid deserves to be in elected office.

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