12th District Republican Debates

A meeting has been held, and the debate plan has been revealed. The 12th district seems to be the bane of the GOP since redistricting, and their inability to unseat Rep. John Barrow. Maybe this time with a narrower field of Rick Allen and John Stone (yes, that John Stone) they can be more successful.


From the 12th District Chair Lawton Sack:


Statesboro, GA — 12th District Republican Party Chair Lawton Sack announced today the plan for a series of four debates between businessman Rick Allen and former congressional staff member John Stone. Both candidates are residents of Augusta and are vying to become the Republican nominee to replace Congressman John Barrow as the congressional representative from the 12th district.  The Primary has been scheduled for May 20, 2014. 

At a recent District Committee meeting held in Swainsboro, the District Committee and both of the campaigns agreed to a series of four debates to be held in Augusta, Statesboro, Dublin and Douglas.   The debates will begin in February of next year and run through May.  The Executive Committee will be working with local parties, media outlets, and the campaigns to finalize the times, dates, and venues of the debates.  These details will be announced at a later date.

“As a life-long citizen of Georgia’s 12th District, I fully understand the hectic schedules of district citizens during the next four months.  As an agricultural district, our farmers are putting in long hours in the fields.  Our children and families are busy with school activities, athletic events, and performances.  It is also the season of numerous county fairs and festivals, school breaks, and holiday celebrations.  Plus, many citizens are focused on the city elections that are important to them locally,” Sack said.  “With very high unemployment in the District and the increase in fuel, energy, and grocery costs without an increase in wages, it is crucial to replace John Barrow with a strong leader with a conservative voice from the 12th district.  The debate plan will help to ensure that citizens throughout the district have an opportunity to hear our candidates’ messages of real solutions for the problems that are having a negative impact on GA-12 citizens.”



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