Phil Gingrey declines Obamacare Subsidy

From Congressman Gingrey’s office.


Dr. Gingrey Declines Obamacare Subsidy

Will Decline Government Subsidy, Special Treatment for Congress and Purchase Private Health Insurance

October 1, 2013 – As health care exchanges go online today and Obamacare is officially forced upon Americans, Congressman Phil Gingrey announced he will refuse preferential treatment offered to Members of Congress. Gingrey will decline the special subsidy given to Members of Congress and withdraw completely from the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan.

“Congress should not receive special treatment, especially when the rest of Americans are suffering the consequences of bad legislation,” Gingrey said. “I will be personally seeking alternatives for my family’s health care coverage, just like the rest of Americans affected by Obamacare. In the meantime, I will do everything in my power to fight this terrible piece of legislation.”

About Dr. Gingrey:

Dr. Phil Gingrey in an OB/GYN from Marietta representing Georgia’s 11th Congressional District. He is the co-chairman of the House GOP Doctors Caucus, which includes physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals. The caucus, founded by Gingrey, remains focused on repealing Obamacare and replacing it with healthcare reform initiatives that lower costs and protect the physician-patient relationship. Gingrey is running to fill Saxby Chambliss’ seat in the United States Senate.


    • seenbetrdayz says:

      You gotta admit though, it’s a greater sacrifice than anyone else has made. A political stunt, perhaps, but more than anyone else in the House. Which, I guess, is really sad when you think about it.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        Indeed it’s a real hardship when a multi-millionaire is stuck making only $172,000 and decides to purchase his own insurance.

        • Harry says:

          Meanwhile Pelosi takes the subsidy. Pelosi’s father was mayor of Baltimore for twelve years. Author Lee Bernstein described him as “the ‘Siciliano protector’ of ‘madams, gambling dens, and dope-peddlers.’” Pelosi continues the family tradition by passing or blocking legislation to directly benefit her family’s financial interests.

  1. Jackster says:

    Too bad he didn’t go ahead and propose a CR with any other “fixes” to the ACA…

    That could have been a way for him to show he can lead, not just maneuver.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Let’s recap the GOP’s plan:

    1. The goal is to defund Obamacare, which a majority of Americans do not want to do,
    2. Pursue that goal by shutting down the government, which a majority of Americans do not want to do,
    3. Think they’ll come out of it as political winners if only Obama and Congressional Democrats do what a majority of Americans don’t want them to do.

    It’s such an impressive strategy that Americans will line up behind them to lead the nation.

    • Harry says:

      “The goal is to defund Obamacare, which a majority of Americans do not want to do

      What kool-aid have you been drinking?

      Pew Research has found disapproval of the health-care law at an all-time high in its polling. CNN’s latest survey has disapproval at 57 percent and approval at 38. Health care, a core Democratic strength for decades, is becoming a liability. A New York Times poll found that more people disapprove of President Barack Obama on health care than approve by a 54-to-40 margin.

          • quarterhorselady says:

            So, you want to leave children and folks who have cancer out of their needed treatment and throw those with other live-threatening diseases into the street, too? For just a year? Typical. That “just a year” is an excuse. You think that in 2014, Republicans will have control…not if we women have a say. Women in this country AND this state are fed up with Republican men harming their reproductive rights and keeping those who need it from healthcare. Those percentages of folks who are against the Affordable Care Act do NOT think it is affordable, because of the mud-slinging rhetoric of right wing TV and radio and because they belong to the “you can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time” group. Why in the world do the rational Republicans let the fringe speak for them and threaten the economic recovery of the country and the whole world? The Democratic budget proposal is down to the Ryan budget level and still the loonys say no. Time for the men to move over and let the women rule!!

  3. radix023 says:

    Note that this is just Gingrey and his family. He did *not* say that his office as a whole, that is all his staffers, will not be taking the subsidy. Dr. Phil continues to play both sides, once again: too cute by half.

  4. CJBear71 says:

    Here’s a comparison: I’m blessed to receive $56K in salary from my employer. I also get health care insurance from my employer who pays $4,400 a year for it and I pay $1,200. If tomorrow they say “sorry, no more health insurance for you” I’m going to demand that $4,400 be added to my salary, or I’m gonna walk.

    That’s basically what’s going on in Congress. The Democrats were stupid to accept this proposal from Republican Senator Chuck Grassley – that only Congress (of all employers) was prohibited from offering health care insurance and they & their employees had to go into the exchanges. So the Office of Personnel Management ruled they get to keep the $4,400 (or whatever the amount is) that was being paid for their insurance previously. It has to go for insurance like it was before, but they don’t have to take a pay cut and buy their own health insurance.

    I don’t understand why the Republicans are fighting so hard for this. A lot of their staff make less than $50K a year, living in DC, and trying to serve the public. Are K-Street lobbyists really gonna cover everything including working in the small back-bencher’s offices? Are K-Street lobbyists going to cover constituent services and make the calls to get veterans their benefits when they’re denied by the VA? I doubt it.

    They need to stop pissing on their own staff to make a stupid point.

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