From The Daily: There Shall Be Candidates And Rumors Of Candidates

A couple of items from this morning’s Peach Pundit Daily (subscribe here).

There Shall Be Candidates… Another Republican jumps into the race to replace John Barge as State School Superintendent. Matt Shultz, a school board member in Bartow County announced over the weekend, according to the Political Insider. Shultz was one of the few former school board members to publicly support last year’s charter school amendment, which probably makes him not very popular with the education establishment.

…And Rumors Of Candidates. Michael Williams will challenge Forsyth County Senator Jack Murphy in next year’s Republican primary. It also appears Representative Greg Morris will draw a challenge from fellow GOPer Lee Burton. Peach Pundit has also learned that at least one candidate will announce a challenge to Gwinnett County Senator Don Balfour soon, and at least two others are waiting to see what happens next.

UPDATE: One of the rumored challengers to Senator Don Balfour has indeed made an annoucement. P.K. Martin will run for the 9th Senate district. From a press release:

(Lawrenceville, GA)-Conservative Republican P.K. Martin, small business owner and Lawrenceville City Councilman, announced today that he plans to file paperwork to run for State Senate District 9.

Said Martin, “After a lot of thought, prayer and encouragement from people all over the district, I am excited to announce my campaign for State Senate. I am running because we need an ethical, conservative leader in the Senate who will make us proud and work hard to deliver conservative reforms to improve this district and our state.”


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