Another Challenge against Matthew Laughridge

There has been a second residency challenge to Matthew Laughridge. You may remember Jon Richards’ post a couple weeks ago about all the questions surrounding several candidates running for the 14th senate district. Matthew Laughbridge was one of those in question.

The first challenge involved his address where he was registered to vote in previous elections. This second challenge involves his current address. That happens to be a houseboat on an Army Corps of Engineers lake. Which apparently cannot be a legal place of residence. I’ve attached the complaint letter if anyone is interested.



Residency Challenge - 1Residency Challenge - 2



  1. Anyone But Chip says:

    Georgia Pundit had a story in their e-mail blast that linked to an interview with Mr. Laughridge where he complained about the “hardships associated with living on a boat”. It has since been “removed by user”.

    I guess they can find a defense for voting in a district that you didn’t actually live in but can’t find a defense for illegally living in a boat.

    What a hoot, and this kids parents are going to keep throwing money at it through legal fees. I guess those who are proposing that adulthood doesn’t start until 25 should be moving the bar.

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