There Are Some New Arch Conservatives In Athens

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending some time with a few students in the Honors Program at the University of Georgia.  Things have changed a bit in the quarter century since I was one of them, and the programs and opportunities available to these students is quite impressive.  One of the students was Sophie Giberga who is a political science major.  She was kind enough to pass along a link to one of her and her peers’ new projects, The Arch Conservative.  After looking it over, I decided it was best to let Sophie introduce it to our readers.  The following are her words:

Conservatives finally have a voice on the University of Georgia’s campus.

The Arch Conservative is a new quarterly journal of opinion that seeks to articulate conservative thought and influence political discourse on campus.  Heretofore, conservatives at UGA have lacked an avenue through which they can express their opinion.  The Arch Conservative provides one such avenue by publishing well researched opinion pieces that evaluate arguments from both the left and right.  But more than anything, The Arch Conservative offers an intellectual alternative to the liberalism that runs rampant on UGA’s campus.  Hence our motto, “Raising the Standard.”

In addition to a digital edition of our first issue, The Arch Con has already published an impressive array of blog posts on our website (  Contributors come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds and publish pieces on everything from the CIA budget leak to Don Quixote and the modern state of chivalry to my most current post on school choice.

In our inaugural editorial entitled “Our Standard,” the editors of The Arch Conservative elegantly lay out their goals for the publication:

This is the inaugural editorial of THE ARCH CONSERVATIVE, a quarterly journal of opinion founded in response to the situation on campus: to the fact, everywhere apparent, that the unexamined consensus is liberalism; to the fact, equally apparent, that conservatives have neglected their own intellectual heritage, intuiting what it is they believe without bothering to find out why they believe it.

With the digital first edition at 1,500 views and counting, The Arch Conservative is already changing the political conversation at the University of Georgia by finally challenging the overwhelming liberal consensus on campus.  I am proud to be a contributor to this up and coming publication.  The Arch Conservative is raising the standard at UGA.  To join the movement, please visit

Click the links and check ’em out. And, of course, Go Dawgs!



  1. Herb says:

    The large Black and hippie population should ensure that Athens/Clarke stays in the Democratic column for centuries to come. These kids are fooling themselves.

  2. Ellynn says:

    The only Arch Conservatives I know are people who refuse to use curved structural spans.

    But really – what is an arch conservative? How do they differ from a small government conservative, to the more right leaning Neo-Concervatives, Paleoconservatives, or Tea Party conservatives?

    • Joshua Morris says:

      You may have seen or heard of a particular well-known decorative arch in Athens. It does have an extra and unnecessary vertical structural member, but that is another discussion unrelated to this thread.

  3. Joshua Morris says:

    Good for them. So many of us like to talk about our views, but few of us take the time to read about the foundations of our stated principles.

  4. MattMD says:

    Sophie needs to put down the thesaurus and the pretension.
    “Heretofore”? What, is this high school?

    UGA is has never been a very liberal campus. Even the independent paper, the R&B has conservatives columnists.

    I did three semesters at UGA before I finally wised up and transferred to GT. There has always been conservative representation at UGA. What would you call a very active College Republican chapter and the Christian Faculty Forum? I dare anyone to call the UGA Poli-Sci department “liberal”. Sorry, it’s just plain hyperbole to say conservatives haven’t had a voice until this newsletter came along.

    Give me a freaking break.

    • cheapseats says:

      MattMD says what I was going to say as soon as I read this piece.
      UGA has, for many years, had one of the largest chapters of the college Republicans in the country. The interesting thing about that is that they are almost all from outside Athens.
      Athens remains that cliche’ “little blue dot in a sea of red” and probably will for decades.

      UGA students aren’t representative of Athens in general (as most all long-time residents of Athens frequently point out).

      I wish this group much success but I think they will be preaching to the choir. Good experience for them, though.

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