Happy Birthday, Dad

My dad, George Smith, has been a tremendous influence on my life.  I’ve been able to go to him for spiritual, relational, financial and career advice.  He was never involved in politics or held elected office when I was growing up, but he paid attention to the news and consistently wrote letters to our elected officials.  He, probably unknowingly, laid the foundation for my interest in politics.  He never pushed me to do things that I didn’t want to do, but he encouraged me to do what I want to do and pray for the Lord’s guidance.  He’s supported me in my political pursuits and has always lent an ear to me when I needed to talk.  Today is his birthday.  He turns 60.  I’m grateful that he’s still around to listen to me when I’m aggravated, excited, or (mostly) somewhere in between.

Happy birthday, dad.  I hope you’ll be blessed with many more years on this Earth.  I love you.


  1. xdog says:

    Well hell Nathan if your dad is 60 that means you’re a baby is what that means.

    My best to your father on his birthday.

  2. geosmith2 says:

    Thanks son. I am the one who is blessed, and I love you and thank God for you, as well as your mom (without her, there’s no telling where, or even whether, either of us would be today).

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