Travis, Cancer, Faith, Doug Flutie, and GameDay

Travis and FamilyHere at Peach Pundit we are about driving discussion on the issues in Georgia politics and how it affects the citizens of this state. While there is humor and snark involved in a majority of the posts, along with trolling and healthy banter in the comments, we are all part of a community.

Joe Pettit, a friend of many of us here and the Cobb County Young Republican Chairman, has been keeping all of us updated on his brother-in-law Travis’ suffering from cholangiocarcinoma.


After the first doctor wrote Travis off as another casualty of cancer, Travis and his family worked hard to find someone who was willing to fight as hard as they were to purge him of his affliction.

Up until last month Travis had been doing much better. There were battles won in the war, but there was still a long way to go. Through faith and medicine it looked as though they had fought the cancer to the beginning of remission. Last month blood tests showed regression. Two weeks ago, more regression. CT scans this week showed tumor growth.

Joe wrote this in the early hours of Wednesday morning:

I have known Travis Lee Roberts for over two decades. He is definitely one of my closest, if not my best friend. He is electric. Nobody is more fun, nobody is funnier, nobody is more interesting and no one else can get away with the things he says and does. People always tell me, “Yeah, I know this guy and he’s just like Travis,” or “We get along cause I’m just like Travis.” Even if I don’t do it physically, I am rolling my eyes every time I hear that sort of claim. I know a lot of people, but I don’t know anyone like Travis, except Travis. 

I haven’t met one person who believes Travis can be beaten. He doesn’t lose. That is what makes him different from all the people who are supposedly “just like him.” He is will and perseverance and fire. 

The last couple days have been hard. The last couple days have brought bad news and then worse news. His chemotherapy is failing, and the cancer is growing. 

MD Anderson in Houston has a brand new clinical trial, and Travis is a shoe-in for the treatment. 

Travis said tonight that this is his Doug Flutie moment. Travis didn’t say that this is his Hail Mary, because a Hail Mary is a long shot. Travis said that this is his Doug Flutie moment, because Flutie won. 

Winners don’t compare themselves to long shots. “Winners win,” has been his refrain as long as I’ve known him, and I don’t see any reason for that to change now.

Travis is UGA alum and fan. Joe has started a campaign to get him on GameDay and help tell all of those fighting for something that in the end, you have to win.  You can help by following and retweeting Joe’s account. The hashtag #TravOnGameDay is being used.

Please visit the site that has been set-up to disseminate information about Travis, his family, and the faith they all have that their battles are not yet over.

Send them your prayers.

Hold your family tight.


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