Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Happy Birthday to Guinnea-Bissau, the Camp Nou, and perhaps you?

Your Morning Reads, after the jump…


  • Immigration Benefits The U.S., So Let’s Legalize All Work (Forbes)
  • But we can’t do that locally, because DA King would go berzerk (MDJ)
  • Mathematical Truths Do Not Make Untrue Assumptions in Economics True (Adam Smith’s Lost Legacy)
  • 40 Maps That Will Help You Get A Clue (Twisted Sifter)
  • Apple’s iOS 7 brings the internet future forthwith (Quartz
  • The STEM Crisis Is a Myth (IEEE Spectrum)
  • Public Enemies: Social Media Is Fueling Gang Wars (Wired)
  • Atlanta suburb home to roaming wild boars (WGCL)
  • Comedians as prophets, that’s a thing? (Esquire)
  • Shutdown countdown: What the next eight days could bring (Washington Post)


  • 8 state representatives and a microphone, all to listen to one guy’s oration(SavannahMorningNews)
  • Friend’s death a reminder of an assassination (CLE)
  • Spaying and neutering, Macon compels (WMAZ)
  • Atlanta can’t account for 400k, why that’s 200 doorbells! (WSB)
  • DuBose Porter seeks to lift gay marriage hex(ier) (CLatl)
  • State house race just got same sexier (Fenuxe)
  • How NFL benefits whens taxpayers are fleeced (Atlantic)
  • But we now own a newish church, at least (ABH)




  1. saltycracker says:

    So the Feds have audited a $1.1 million dollar 2007-2010 grant program and concluded, in 96 pages, after a couple years of exchanges that the City of Atlanta mismanaged it. SO ? It’s not like it was our money.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Anyone else take note that the Georgia World Congress Center Authority is mulling getting into the hotel business? Will it be simply a boondoggle, or asinine using of tax revenue from private hotels to compete against them? But what the hey, it’s no more ill-advised than giving a billionaire public millions because he want them.

    Changing topics, note the ROI on Gov Deal’s Panama junket. AJC: Deal says his port resolve firmer. In the same vein, we can look forward to Deal’s continued opposition to gay marriage after a junket to Rome.

    • saltycracker says:

      Hey, would you rather go to Savannah and smooze Biden for Fed $$ or take an all expense paid trip to the Panama Canal (ok appearances suggest he should have done the former too).

      Having recently visited the canal, gone thru the locks, watched the electric tugs and took a jungle tour, all scientific exploration…’s cool…..the bad news it was on my dime and I didn’t have an entourage…..the hats are a bit jersey tho…..

      • saltycracker says:

        P.S. The Panama Canal does not rank in the worlds cargo ports, it’s a canal – there are several huge cargo ports in the U.S. – N.Y., Louisiana, Texas, CA. – followed by Europe – Rotterdam, Hamburg, then there is Jamaica…..

        • drjay says:

          i think savannah is generally the #4 port in the us for the time being…behind long beach, LA, and ny…and one of the top 50 in the world…

          • Ellynn says:

            It depends on how you define largest and busiest.

            Technically Rotterdam and Hamburg are larger container ports then any container port in the United States. Louisiana and Houston are not even on the list of top 100.

            However, if you measure by tonnage, Lousiann is no 11 in the world (wheat, oats, rice, soy, koke, and ore weigh ALOT), followed by Houston at 12 (because it’s home to the 2nd largest petrochemical complex in the world) . Houston is also no 1 in the United States for the number of ships in and out of port a year as well.

            • saltycracker says:

              None of the above explains why Gov Deal is visiting a canal to better understand improving a major port.
              Never mind, just heard we are seeking billboard space along the canal with Savannahs GPS location…..more jobs for ga

              • Ellynn says:

                The Canel Zone also has the largest number of shipping offices in one location. It is a major logistic and business center.

  3. Jon Lester says:

    I don’t care about DuBose Porter’s evolution on gay marriage (because he can’t very well choose otherwise as state party chairman). I want him to acknowledge that there are other candidates for the Senate race besides Michelle Nunn, and to assure us that the party will indeed be “democratic” and give us a real primary, complete with debates.

    • Toxic Avenger says:

      I’m rather certain he is aware of, and has met with, multiple candidates for Senate.

      But it’s not his fault that literally the entire institutional Party backs Michelle Nunn, as does all of the money, volunteers, staff, etc. Be realistic, here.

  4. Herb says:

    With regards to the undocumented citizen issue, we need to broaden the availability of vatious benefits and entitlements. Jobs are pretty easy to get these days, and not everyone is fit to work. We need to help these people. We are a country of compassion, and not of selfishness and greed.

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